6/9 Arizona Cardinals news: Palmer and Fitz, offensive line, young players fitting in on defense


Your Cardinals and NFL news round-up to start the day.

Enjoy the final Bird Droppings before Revenge of the Birds converts to the official hub of Palmer x Fitzgerald fan-fiction. Topics of the day include how some of the young defenders are fitting in to the team, and how the pieces are falling into place along the offensive line.


There are many reasons to believe Carson Palmer can succeed with Cardinals
Most have already written him off and hardly anyone is predicting that Palmer will be able to revive his career with the Cardinals. Should Arizona already be scouting quarterbacks for the 2014 NFL Draft, or is there a chance that Palmer could be much better than advertised in 2013?

Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald liking what they see so far
They've figured out this much as the final session of organized team activities came to a close Thursday — each can do something others in their position can’t.

Sorting out the Offensive Line
After such a dismal 2012 campaign for the Arizona Cardinals’ offensive line, one would expect a lot more change for the unit. However, the 2013 starting offensive line will only feature one new name, Jonathan Cooper, the teams’ first round draft pick.

Offensive Lineman Jamaal Johnson-Webb is still perfecting his game
Usually when you look at college football players, they were major standouts in the game their entire life. Well my next interviewee didn’t play football his entire life; he didn’t start playing football until his senior year in high school.

Safety Tyrann Mathieu off to good start turning life around
It is too early to know what path Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu ultimately will take, but early signs point to a successful start at turning his life around.

Will O'Brien Schofield Impact the Team?
O'Brien Schofield has the talent and the ability to be a very successful starting caliber outside linebacker/defensive end in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals. But will he ever reach his full potential and make an impact for the Arizona Cardinals?


3 steps to success: Seahawks need to maintain balance on offense and get an effective pass rush - SBNation.com
The Seattle Seahawks fell just short of the mark in 2012 and have high expectations heading into this season.

3 steps to success: Packers need Aaron Rodgers to benefit from running game - SBNation.com
Green Bay has relied on Aaron Rodgers for quite a bit of its success recently, but the addition of two rookie running backs could greatly help the Packers' offense this season.

Mark Herzlich working as Giants first-team MLB - SBNation.com
After battling cancer at Boston College, Herzlich is now poised to become an NFL starter.

Former Giants safety Chad Jones focusing on baseball - SBNation.com
After a nearly fatal car crash, Jones turned away from football and now looks to make the slow climb to the major leagues.

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