Reacting to the Arizona Cardinals' all-time underrated, overrated players list

USA TODAY Sports recently updated their list of overrated and underrated players from Cardinals history. Share your thoughts on the list, or leave a story about some of your favorite and least-favorite Cards players.

You can find the original article here. I'll share my thoughts on each of their picks but I encourage you to check out the source piece first, especially if your knowledge of historic Cardinals players is lacking (as mine is). There are a lot of busts, be they free agents or draft picks, in recent memory but to qualify for this list it seems that players needed to have held a longer tenure with the team than just a season or two.


Mal Kutner - RE, 1946-50

Few franchises can waste entire decades like the Cardinals but seeing a player recognized from the '40s and '50s is gratifying. As the league's receiving leader in '47 and '48, Kutner established a precedent for greatness among Cardinals receivers early on.

Roy Green - WR/DB, 1979-90

A jack of all trades, Green carried the torch of marquee receivers when the team moved from St. Louis to Phoenix. He may never have recaptured the glory of his '84 or '85 all-pro seasons but he would have been a fun one to watch in his prime.

Jim Hart - QB, 1966-83

The Cardinals' career leader in passing yards and touchdowns, Hart played an astounding 18 seasons, 17 of which were with the Cards. Children who hadn't even been born when he started playing were graduating high school by the time he was done. Football certainly was different then; for another example of this, check out his career stats. No way a quarterback lasts that long in today's pass-happy league with those numbers.

Tom Banks - C, 1971-80

It's a little hard to believe at this point, but the Cardinals' offensive line wasn't always a complete mess. With four Pro Bowl nods in his career, Banks is one underrated player that did receive some recognition during his time.

Don Coryell - coach, 1973-77

Coryell orchestrated some of the best seasons in Cardinal history which is as impressive as it is depressing. The Cardinals won over 70% of their games in three out of Coryell's five seasons with the team though they couldn't pick up a playoff win in that span. It wasn't just the team at-large that benefited, either. Underrated quarterback Jim Hart played his best games under Coryell, a trend that was repeated by Dan Fouts when Coryell left the Cards to coach for the Chargers.


David Boston - WR, 1999-02

As a Cardinal, Boston lit it up. He even holds the team's single-season record for receiving yards. No doubt it was the sum of his accomplishments after leaving Arizona that landed him on the overrated list.

Ollie Matson - RB, 1952-58

I'm struggling with this one. Saying, "he was outshined by a lot of his contemporaries," is one thing, but Matson is a Hall of Famer for a reason.

Chris "Beanie" Wells - RB, 2009-12

Beanie doesn't deserve a spot anywhere on this list, in my opinion. You have to be rated to be overrated. He's one of the franchise's biggest disappointments of the last few years, but in the scope of the team's history he's barely a raindrop in an ocean.

Darnell Dockett - DT, 2004-current

Have you ever talked to a Cardinals fan who doesn't have a strong opinion about Dockett? Some think he should retire a Cardinal while others believe he should have been traded years ago. Is he earning too much? Is he playing in the wrong defense? I don't necessarily disagree with his inclusion on the overrated list but from his Twitter antics to his play on the field, he's given Cardinals fans a heck of a ride and I'm glad he's stuck around for as long as he has.

Ken Whisenhunt - coach, 2007-12

Like Coryell above, Whisenhunt makes an interesting case in the argument about who is more important to a football franchise: the head coach or the quarterback. Unlike Coryell, Whisenhunt's tenure with the Cardinals can only be interpreted one way: Kurt Warner really was just that good.

Your Picks:

Looking over the current Cardinals roster, I'm not sure who else merits a spot on the list. Calais Campbell has gotten a lot of recognition for his play over the last couple seasons even if he's always one spot away from the Pro Bowl. Andre Roberts has been a solid receiver during a dark age of passing and maybe this season he'll get a chance to prove he's been underrated all along.

Clark Haggans, Joey Porter and Alan Faneca were overrated players when they joined the Cardinals, as was Stewart Bradley, but, like Beanie, they're barely footnotes in the annals of the NFL's oldest team. In fairness, age was a factor in several of those cases, as the former Steelers in particular were coming to the end of otherwise-successful careers. Regardless, those guys are probably more free agent busts than anything.

How do you feel about the list, and what would you have done differently?

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