Comparing the Arizona Cardinals Centers with the rest of the NFC West

Christian Petersen

The Cardinals continue to fall behind the rest of the NFC West on the list... And Center isn't looking much better...

Before we begin, there seems to be a hefty amount of fans who want to grade JUST the starters. I figured this would be the best post to give it a shot since all the teams carry under four centers.

Arizona Cardinals:

Name Age Year
Lyle Sendlein 29 7
Scott Wedige 24 2
Adam Bice 24 R

For an undrafted free agent out of Texas, Sendlein has been an average to above average for most of his career. He's got heart ,but sometimes he can take his injuries to far. I remember one game in 2011, where it was obvious he was injured, we were in field goal range, yet his injury caused three bad snaps in a row and knocked us out of field goal range. I know a lot of people who like Wedige, and he seemed okay in the limited time he got to play last year.

San Francisco 49ers:

Name Age Year
Jonathan Goodwin 34 12
Sherman Carter 24 R

It turns out your center is related to our Offensive Coordinator, Harold Goodwin. I like Goodwin, there's a reason he's been in the NFL as long as he's been. Despite being with the Niners for two years, Carter has some big shoes to fill.

Seattle Seahawks:

Name Age Year
Max Unger 27 5

If there's one bias I have for players outside of the Cardinals... It's Oregon players. Unger was initially drafted to play Guard. He was the number one rated guard in 2009, being selected in the second round, and ultimately making the shift to Center. Made his first Pro Bowl last season, including being named First Team All-Pro.

St. Louis Rams:

Name Age Year
Scott Wells 32 9
Tim Barnes 25 2

Wells missed most of last season, (and by most I mean more than eight games) thus due to the unfortunate injury of Wells, Barnes was thrown into the fire. Wells is coming off of a knee surgery from June, but is expected to be ready for Training Camp.

Now... It's time to grade the STARTERS... Instantly I put Arizona at the bottom. Sendlein is good, but he has not had a career like Unger, Wells, or Goodwin.

I'll give the top spot to Seattle. Unger is young(er) where Goodwin and Wells are starting to slow. Wells is coming off of a knee surgery and Goodwin is 34 years old. San Francisco in second and the Rams third.

QB: #1

RB: #3

WR: #1

TE: #3 (Tied w/ Rams)

OT: #4

OG: #4

C: #4

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