Cardinals Draftees As Graded By the Cowboys


I have finally come around to doing this after it was requested by fellow ROTB'ers.

A few months ago, I asked for your help in some Article ideas. I covered the Progression of the Cardinals Quarterbacks, (Part 2 here), now I finally get around to something that both 'Cmcinaz' and 'hadrarius' both requested.

We all know that the Cowboys are horrible are guarding their draft board, letting it be seen twice the last few years. Thanks to Hadrarius, and several other people, here are the Cardinals that were drafted, according to their ranking on the Cowboys board.

Jonathan Cooper 6th Overall

This makes sense. Cooper was one of the top two guards in the draft and went 7th overall. Had the Cowboys got their chance to take him they would have . Cowboys held the 31st selection in the 2013 Draft and would have had to trade up big time, to even get a whiff of Cooper.

Kevin Minter2nd Round

As Hadrarius stated, Minter was rated higher than T'eo on their draft board. Cardinals traded back in the second round with the Chargers, who drafted T'eo, and got Minter at #45. Cowboys held the 89th selection in the second round, again having to trade up substantially for their guy.

Tyrann MathieuNot on Board

This one left me scratching my head. How is Mathieu not on the board? Is it character issues? It seems the most logical but the Cowboys have never had a problem drafting players with character problems, much less with a history.

Alex Okafor5th Round Grade

Okafor wound up going a round earlier than the Cowboys had ranked him. This guy has all the tools and talent to be a good LB in the NFL. His game against Oregon State in the Alamo Bowl was a record setter and instantly shot him up several draft boards.

Earl Watford – 5th Round Grade

I doubt if Watford were there in the 5th round that the Cowboys would have taken him. Yes he's talented, but the Boys don't need much help at Guard.

Stepfan Taylor 4th Round Grade

Taylor was passed on by the Cowboys in Round 4, for a CB, B.W. Webb. After missing out on Taylor, the Cowboys would select Joseph Randle, instead of Ellington who had another 4th round grade.

Ryan Swope Not on Board

This one makes sense, although he is worth the risk. The Cowboys have several players on their roster who are all injury prone. They don't need to add Swope to the likes of Dez Bryan or Miles Austin, who have both had plenty of injuries in their career.

Andre Ellington4th Round Grade

Again another 4th round grade, who the Cowboys would overlook. They selected Joseph Randle over him, and despite picking 185th would select DeVonte Holloman two pick before Ellington would come off the board.

D.C. Jefferson 3rd Round Grade

I don't see how a team would grade someone in the 3rd round and not select him even with their 6th round pick. It appears they were drafting more off of need in this draft, than BPA, which was a huge mistake.

So I am curious as to what you guys think of the way we "stole" some of the Cowboys highest rated players.

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