7/4 Arizona Cardinals news: Independence Day, Darnell Dockett, training camp preview

Ross Kinnaird

Your daily Cardinals and NFL roundup.

It's the nation's day of independence. We wish you a happy day, however you may celebrate it. We hope you start the day with some reading here. Some of the stories from around the Internet have to do with Darnell Dockett and how he doesn't love today, a uniform poll and a training camp preview.


Word From the Birds Blog | The best uniform? You can pick the Cards
With a few weeks left before players come back, now is as good a time as any for NFL.com to run a poll about the best uniforms both all-time and today.

Word From the Birds Blog | A different kind of holiday for Dockett
When Darnell Dockett was 13, he found his mother murdered in their Georgia house on the Fourth of July.

Rookies Get Message At NFL Symposium
Draft class closes offseason with lessons for off-the-field

NFL - Top 10 rising snap count stars - Fantasy Football - ESPN
Pro Football Focus takes a look at the top 10 rising snap-count stars for the upcoming fantasy football season. Although they may not have had much value in 2012, you shouldn't sleep on them in 2013. Michael Floyd is one.

2013 NFL training camp preview: Arizona Cardinals - NFL - CBSSports.com News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
In an increasingly tough NFC West, the Cardinals will roll the dice with Carson Palmer to hopefully lead them to a successful 2013.

3 steps to success: Cardinals need to protect Carson Palmer and find Larry Fitzgerald - SBNation.com
The Arizona Cardinals' success in 2013 largely depends on patching up the offensive line enough to keep Carson Palmer upright.


NFL news roundup: Nick Foles may lead Eagles QB derby, Hernandez investigation goes deeper - SBNation.com
Nick Foles may have a leg up over Michael Vick for the Eagles' starting quarterback spot. Meanwhile, Aaron Hernandez is now being investigated for another shooting, this one taking place in 2007. Those stories and more in Wednesday's roundup.

Police recover more evidence after searching Aaron Hernandez's apartment - SBNation.com
The authorities found more evidence that could further link the former Patriot to the murder of Odin Lloyd after searching a second, secret apartment.

3 steps to success: Can the Falcons take the next step? - SBNation.com
The Falcons got over the hump by winning a playoff game last year, but can they take the next step and reach the Super Bowl in 2013? We take a look at what could go right and what could go wrong for Atlanta next season.

Bill Polian offers his 'told you so' about Aaron Hernandez - SBNation.com
Those character red flags Aaron Hernandez had coming into the 2010 NFL Draft? Yeah, Bill Polian knew all along, and he would like to point that out.

Nick Foles considered in the lead for Eagles QB job - SBNation.com
The Eagles could end the Michael Vick era sooner than most people think if Nick Foles continues to perform in offseason workouts.

Ausar Walcott can't sign with an NFL team without Roger Goodell's approval - SBNation.com
Same as he did with Aaron Hernandez, Roger Goodell will not allow teams to sign Walcott until he has conducted a hearing.

Franchise tag deadline looms for teams, players - SBNation.com
Franchise players have until July 15 to negotiate long-term deals. What does this mean for the players who haven't signed their tender?

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