Comparing the Arizona Cardinals WRs with the rest of the NFC West


We last looked at running-backs, now it's time we look at the receivers on the NFC West rosters.

We've covered the runningbacks and passers, now we move onto the guys who will be catching the ball from their passer. Let me just say, when I use the graph, it is not my version of the depth chart. The top guys are starters/challengers and the bottom guys are bubble players/camp bodies. So let us begin on our receivers!

Arizona Cardinals:

Name Age Year
Larry Fitzgerald 29 10
Michael Floyd 23 2
Andre Roberts 25 4
Ryan Swope 22 R
Jaron Brown 23 R
LaRon Byrd 23 2
Charles Hawkins 22 R
Robert Gill 29 1
Dan Buckner 23 R
Kerry Taylor 24 1
Michael Rios 23 1
Jarett Dillard 27 4
Tyler Shaw 23 R

The Cardinals top three remain the same from last season. Floyd looks a lot better than last season, Roberts showed us he can be a good receiver, and Fitz is Fitz. It comes down to numbers four through six. I am one who has been saying we should just but Swope on IR and let him return in a year. Brown, from what I have seen and heard, could be a steal in the UDFA period, and makes the roster with Swope going to IR. Byrd has been publicly called out so we will see if he takes that to heart, as for Hawkins, he and Gill are interchangeable.

St. Louis Rams:

Name Age Year
Tavon Austin 22 R
Brian Quick 24 2
Stedman Bailey 22 R
Austin Pettis 25 3
Emory Blake 21 R
Chris Givens 23 2
Raymond Radway 26 2
Andrew Helmick 22 R
Nick Johnson 23 1

I don't know what Jeff Fisher thinks about starting Rookies, but my top three guys would be Quick, Austin, and Bailey. I remember Quick putting up some good numbers against Arizona and with Danny Amendola in New England, it appears he'll get the start.

Seattle Seahawks:

Name Age Year
Percy Harvin 25 5
Doug Baldwin 24 3
Sidney Rice 26 7
Golden Tate 24 4
Stephen Williams 27 3
Bryan Walters 25 4
Brett Swain 28 4
Charly Martin 29 5
Chris Harper 23 R
Phil Bates 23 2
Jermaine Kerase 23 2
Justin Veltung 22 R
Greg Herd 22 R
Arceto Clark 23 R

I love this receiving unit. Harvin, Baldwin, Rice, and Tate are some of my favorite players. Williams was always a player who we Cardinals thought could breakout, but was said to have reached his "peak" in Training Camp, and suffered a rather tough injury when Derek Anderson was throwing the ball. After that I see a rookie or two making the roster, but as reserves of course.

San Francisco 49ers:

Name Age Year
Anquan Boldin 32 11
A.J. Jenkins 23 2
Kyle Williams 24 4
Mario Manningham 27 6
Quinton Patton 22 R
Kassim Osgood 33 11
Chad Hall 27 3
Marlon Moore 25 4
Ricardo Lockett 27 1
Chuck Jacobs 23 R
Michael Crabtree 25 5

Again I love this unit. All NFC West teams have a solid top three with maybe the exception here. I'm not sure about Jenkins because I know he didn't play much last year. Williams is known for his costly fumbled punt, but that's in the past, and Boldin is getting up there in age. However... If Crabtree can come back sometime during the season (I heard it's possible right?) The trio of Crabtree, Boldin, and Jenkins is dangerous. Also have to incorporate your dangerous ground game and Vernon Davis... That's nightmarish.

I'm going to knock this up to Arizona... And it's not because "oh lookie here we have Fitzgerald". It's because we don't know what Boldin can do without Flacco, or even if Kaep and Boldin will be on the same page early on. The Rams are insanely young at receiver which can lead to lots of mistakes early on. But I do think with a veteran in Sam Bradford those mistakes can be limited. As for the Hawks... Insane talent there. I'd honestly put Tate or Rice as the better receivers over Roberts, but Harvin had "migraines" for most of his years in Minnesota, so we'll see if those magically diminish.

QB: #1

RB: #3

WR: #1

TE: ?

OT: ?

OG: ?

C: ?

DE: ?

DT: ?

ILB: ?


CB: ?

S: ?

K: ?

P: ?

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