Arizona Cardinals free agents: Where they are now and what they are doing


A bunch of links on how former Cards are dealing with their new environments.

A few days ago in Alex Mann's FanPost, he asked for writing suggestions. One such good idea was this:

One I really want to see

Is an article covering how all the now former Cardinals are doing on their new teams so far: Wilson, Toler, Groves, Bradley, Gay, Adams, Skelton, Stephens-Howling, Kolb, and whoever else I’m missing.
Just something showing how they fared in OTAs, how they fit into their new team, odds of them making the team/starting, how the coaching staff/fan base likes the new additions, etc.

So, although most of these links are at least a month old and you're not going to get definitive team response, nor predictions this early in the offseason, they are news - if you haven't already read them.

Those other guys that we love to hate (Bleacher Report) break down the longtime AZ safety and use pictures and stuff and it's actually not written in crayon. (Seriously, a good read.)

The Colts site has an article on comparing the former CB Toler (who I think is going to be missed more than expected) to an animal. And no, it's not a platypus.

The free agent QB was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals and may struggle to make the team if he can't master the West Coast Offense. (Or pay past due child support. Hard to complete a pass in jail....well, at least the kind he's known for.)

The former "Hyphen" will have an abbreviated NFL career unless he can prove to the Pittsburgh Steelers that he can make it as a third down back and kick returner. Just don't ask him to cry... he's really good at it and will probably make me grab a Kleenex.

Micheal Adams
The smallish (and by "smallish", I mean midget. Can you say that nowadays?) player that got all up in Aaron Rodgers' grill and forced the fumble back in the Packers/ Cards playoff game gets a current roster spot after a minicamp tryout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He'll be playing in the NFL's jockstrap. (A la former Card/Buc Simeon Rice.)

This guy took more public beatings than Kunte Kinte and probably deservedly so. He underperformed so badly during his term in Arizona that, with the salary he was making, it was a no-brainer to for him to be released. Now in Buffalo, he'll battle rookie EJ Manuel for the starting quarterback position and he thinks his experience in QB competitions will help him win out. Also, he secretly hopes the Bills move to Toronto so he has more right sideline space to run to.

Cut once the "quarterback room" had to fit Carson Palmer's and Drew Stanton's chairs next to Ryan Lindley's, the former tendered Cardinal signed with the Cleveland Browns and declares himself a NFL caliber starting passer.
All he he has to do is beat out Jason Campbell and Brandon Weedon. Seems simple enough, right?

One of the larger busts of recent Cardinals history, the released linebacker hopes to make more of a difference in the Denver Broncos 4-3 scheme than he did in the Cards 3-4. Either way, we hope to see more of his sack dance...or maybe not. (Cue the Carleton video.)

And finally a man who I can relate to. The seldom used, late season addition jack-of-all-trades was signed by former Card head coach Ken Whisenhunt and the San Diego Chargers. His play won't be missed but his Twitter account will.

So forget about where Beanie Wells, Early Doucet or Kerry Rhodes may end up at... get this guy signed back up with the team...I mean have you really ever thought Adrian Wilson was funny? And would you tell him if he wasn't?

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