7/9 Arizona Cardinals news: Cooper interview, more waiting for Washington


Your daily roundup for Cardinals and NFL news.

Is it training camp yet? Nope. So there are only some bits and pieces of news. There is some news about Daryl Washington, only it's not. But there is an interview with rookie Jonathan Cooper. There is much more on the NFL front.


Interview On The David Glenn Show: Jonathan Cooper David Glenn

Word From the Birds Blog | Look how animated Peterson can get
Are we officially in the most dead part of the offseason? Yes. So today, here’s some talk about Patrick Peterson, cartoon character.

Word From the Birds Blog | Waiting for Washington
Nothing has changed with Washington as of right now.

Best of Patrick Peterson in 2012
The best photos from Peterson's 2012 campaign.

Shutdown Countdown: Arizona Cardinals hope to find some offensive punch | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
There was a time last year when the Cardinals were 4-0 with wins against Seattle and at New England.


Your New Jersey Super Bowl tourism guide - SBNation.com
The next Super Bowl is billed as a New York affair. It isn't. So if you're planning on attending, you should get to know North Jersey.

The impact of the play-action pass in the NFL - SBNation.com
Play-action passes were a big part of NFL offenses in 2012 and Football Outsiders took a closer look on how each team fared both offensively and defensively.

The NFL considers adopting a stupid NCAA idea - SBNation.com
The title of this article is redundant.

NFL news roundup: Victor Cruz gets a new contract, Broncos executive arrested - SBNation.com
Victor Cruz gets a long-term extension, while the Broncos are dealing with off-field issues surrounding an executive.

RGIII inspires kids in Cambodia, drops a video & takes a much-needed week off - SBNation.com
The whole world got a dose of the unbelievably believable™ last week, just in time for RGIII to take a little break from the spotlight.

Browns fan takes final jab at franchise - Behind the Steel Curtain
A lifelong Cleveland Browns fan lives a longstanding joke by asking the Browns to provide pall bearers to his funeral.

Broncos, Matt Russell release statements following arrest - SBNation.com
Following his arrest over the weekend, the Broncos and their director of player personnel released statements on Monday.

Denver Broncos personnel exec Matt Russell arrested for DUI, careless driving - SBNation.com
The Denver Broncos are dealing with off-field issues as director of player personnel Matt Russell was arrested for DUI.

Terrence Cody injury: Ravens DL still uncertain of return - SBNation.com
The Ravens nose guard is making progress, but he's still needs time to recover from offseason surgery.

NFL Huddle: Franchise tag deadline a week away, RGIII gets married (and so does Matt Barkley) - SBNation.com
The deadline for franchise tagged players to sign long-term deals is a week away, two NFL quarterbacks got married over the weekend and lots more NFL news from SB Nation's NFL blogs on Monday.

Cincinnati Bengals unlikely to reach extension with Michael Johnson, per report - SBNation.com
It looks like defensive end Michael Johnson will play the 2013 season under the franchise tag.

Six players in 2013 NFL supplemental draft - SBNation.com
The NFL's supplemental draft takes place at 1 p.m. on Thursday.

NFL news roundup: LaVon Brazill suspended for marijuana, Reshad Jones wants to get even better - SBNation.com
Here are some NFL headlines you may have missed from Sunday.

Tony Romo injury: Cowboys QB expected back for training camp - SBNation.com
Tony Romo will begin trying to meet the expectations of a hefty contract extension when the Cowboys open training camp later this month.

Jared Allen injury: Vikings DL will be ready for training camp - SBNation.com
Jared Allen will become an unrestricted free agent in 2014 if he doesn't sign an extension with the Vikings this season.

John Abraham, Michael Turner not ready to retire - SBNation.com
John Abraham and Michael Turner reportedly aren't ready to retire, despite remaining unsigned since their release from the Falcons.

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