O'Brien Schofield joins the media for a baseball game, but talks football


The Arizona Cardinals linebacker getting a taste of work in the media.

He is entering only his fourth year in the NFL, but linebacker O'Brien Schofield seems to be looking a little bit towards the future. He was a guest analyst on Fox Sports Arizona for the Monday night broadcast of the game between the Arizona Diamndbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Schofield said himself that he is not a baseball fan. He grew up in Chicago, but did not adopt either the Cubs or the White Sox.

He did, though, talk a little football in the pregame show.

When Jody Jackson asked him about the vibe with the team, he said that "the vibe is winning."

"I think everyone is excited and they had enough of just close to making it and starting off well and failing in the season," he elaborated. "This year the mentality is just winning."

If what he says is true, the team's talk is not of looking to the future, but winning now. They believe that they can win this year, which supports the thoughts that head coach Bruce Arians believes that the team is reloading and not rebuilding.

He was also asked about having Carson Palmer at quarterback.

"When Carson came in, I think a lot of guys were very excited because they had a veteran quarterback that knows the game, that's proven in the league that can be a leader for our team," he said. "I think that's a good step to winning and being able to compete in the playoffs.

"I think the happiest person of us all is Larry (Fitzgerald)," he went on further. "I think Larry Fitzgerald is very happy just to have someone that can connect to him. Where we are at with our offensive scheme, I think our coach did a good job."

He was also asked about his goals for 2013.

"Number one is staying healthy," he said. "If I'm not healthy, I can't be on the field, and this is, one, my contract year, and I would love to be a Cardinal for the rest of my career. I've really got a chip on my shoulder, and I'm going to work to be great."

He said that, defensively, even with the change to Todd Bowles as defensive coordinator, the team has a lot more depth.

"They brought in a couple of guys to fill a hole and right now, as far as a team and the defense, it's a very attacking mindset. To be able to unleash Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett, it's going to be fun to see what those guys can bring on Sunday."

Schofield was happy about the training camp move to Glendale. While the team will stay in a hotel, he is excited to not have to drive up to Flagstaff, more specifically that he doesn't have to drive so far on his days off so he can be with his family.

He did offer some insight to the baseball game in the postgame show, as he equated the D-backs' offensive struggles on Monday with three-and-outs in football. They will kill you.

Schofield did really well in front of the camera. If this was a rehearsal or practice of sorts to get some tape for the media, it wasn't a bad start. Tight end Jeff King also stepped in a few times in 2012 for FSAZ as well.

Sure, he might want to try the media thing out after his career is over, but let's hope he can become that impact pass rusher so he can remain a Cardinal for a while.

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