Possible explanation for the Atlanta QB switch debacle last year

I remember how confused we all were last year when John Skelton was benched for Ryan Lindley against the Falcons, in the end it didn't help since Lindley wound up proving that he wasn't ready to play and the offense couldn't take advantage of FIVE INTERCEPTIONS by Matt Ryan. I was looking around on one of the message boards I lurk and I think I found the reason for the benching. Not sure if it was ever reported or if it was true, but at least it is a possible explanation for the QB debacle we had last season.


In response to someone who said Skelton had a bad attitude and didn't put in enough work in the film room

Jurecki talked about it at the end of last season. He mentioned that he came into camp like he was the guy and never dug into the play book.

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And one reporter told me off the record which I told some people here about during the season. the primary reason he got benched is Whiz got fed up with him not knowing the plays. it came to a head in the atlanta game(?) when he ran a key 3rd down play with Floyd lined up on the wrong side of the field while the whole staff was yelling at him to move Floyd or call timeout. The play was supposed to go to Housler, but Floyd ran the right pattern, from the wrong side and ran right in front of Housler. Skelton essentially buried the ball into the ground because he had nowhere to throw, and then was glaring at Floyd.

The staff said sure he lined up wrong, hes' been doing that all year, but you're the QB, you're supposed to see that and move him, which Kolb had been doing constantly earlier in the season.

Then we got the ball right back, Fitz wide open in the endzone, Skelton missed him and that was it. Whiz had seen enough and went to Lindley, who'd been getting reps in practice because they were so fed up with Skelton they hoped it would light a fire under him.

Later in the year a couple of times Whiz made reference to Skelton needing to be better prepared to play, that the slow starts couldn't continue he needed to be in charge.

Lindley was horrible, probably still is, but there was a reason he was playing and it wasn't that Whiz was an idiot it was that Whiz had been talking about accountability all year and didn't think it was fair that his starting QB, didn't know the plays.

I know that there were reports from practice earlier in the season about how impressive Lindley was, but did they really expect a rookie who was VERY raw to be better than Skelton (even with the awful season he had last year)? If Skelton didn't know the plays (makes me wonder how he did what he did in 2011...), I don't think a rookie who was still trying to adjust to the NFL would know them either. It does explain how Skelton wound up being behind Hoyer after he was only here for a week or two though.

At least we are moved on from that though, Whiz is gone because of his failure to develop a QB and build an O-line, now we actually have coaches in place who can do those things. Thank goodness for the new regime.

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