Cmcinaz's 53 Man Roster Projection

Offense - 24

I still believe Lindley is not worth hanging onto and we keep two QB's. I can't think of a single reason to keep him. Palmer and Stanton are clearly #1 and #2 with Stanton being the future of the franchise.

The QB position (2):

Carson Palmer

Drew Stanton

Mendenhall is clearly the #1 running back but dealing with knee issues all throughout TC, it has to worry the coaching staff. Thank god for Alfonso Smith who has really taken his game to another level in TC this year and will be backing up Mendy. The two rookies are a lock and the much publicized Ryan Williams could make a case to be the 5th RB this Thursday. If having to choose between a 5th RB, a 5th TE or a 6th WR; I'd go with Ryan Williams at this point pending his performance on Thursday.

The RB position (4):

Rashard Mendenhall

Alphonso Smith

Stephan Taylor

Andre Ellington

*Ryan Williams Bubble

Tight end has gone greatly unnoticed during TC. The club has given DC Jefferson a lot of reps, Housler has been kept under wraps, Sperry has looked good in TC but not great catching the ball in his first preseason action, King has been sidelined most of TC with a knee, and Dray has been solid not spectacular. Now they've brought in Quinn to have a shot. My thinking on the TE position is that it's probably the easiest position on the team to backfill so I think they go with four and make it work. This is another bubble position however.

The TE position (4):

Rob Housler

Jim Dray

Jeff King

DC Jefferson

* Korey Sperry

* Richard Quinn

We all know the top 3 but just to highlight one thing on the top 3; Roberts has to stop dropping the ball. Beyond that, I think Brown and Hawkins edge out Mike Thomas and I'm ok with that. Brown has been the most consistent of all receivers in catching the ball and could be a reliable red zone and 3rd down target. Hawkins brings an element to this receiving core that no one else does. He finds a way to get open, catch the ball and get YAC.

The WR Position (5):

Larry Fitzgerald

Michael Floyd

Andre Roberts

Charles Hawkins

Juron Brown

*Mike Thomas bubble

The injury to Coop has created a roster spot on offense that wouldn't have otherwise been there. I think this group is all locked up at this point.

The Offensive Line (8):

Levi Brown

Daryn College

Lyle Sendeline

Paul Fainaka

Eric Winston

Nate Potter

Earl Watford

Bobby Massie

*Johnathan Cooper PUP

Defense - 26

Dockett has said that D-Line is the strong point of the defense. I'd have to agree to a certain extent. I think it should be the strong suit with this formidable group but they have yet to show their dominance.

Dline (7):

Darnell Dockett

Dan Williams

Calais Cambell

Ronald Talley

David Carter

Matt Shauganassy

Frosty Rucker

The D-Line is going to have to keep up with the LB's if they want to be the strong suit of the defense. This is another solid group that has much to prove and won't be at full strength until DWash gets back in week 5. Either way it's pretty solid.

Linebackers (8):

Lorenzo Alexander

Karlos Dansby

Jasper Brinkley

Sam Acho

John Abrahams

Daryl Washington

Kevin Minter

Alex Oakafor

*Reggie Walker DWash Suspension Survivor

*Kenny Demons PS

*Kevin Rowe PS

There are a lot of new faces in the secondary and this could be the reason for some of the breakdowns we have witnessed in the preseason. I have no doubt that their talented enough but they will need to come together real soon and get some early help from the missing pass rush if we're going to get off to a good start. And yes, my boy Jefferson makes the 53.

Secondary (11):

Rashad Johnson

Yeremiah Bell

Johnathan Amaya

Tony Jefferson

Patrick Peterson

Jeraud Powers

Javier Arenas

Tyrann Mathieu

Antoine Cason

Justin Bethel

Jamell Flemming

Hopefully this old reliable group and the only group completely unchanged from the previous regime can continue to do what they have done in the past. In the future though, the cards have to develop a long snapper at another position. Taking up a valuable roster spot with the only skill set being a long snapper is just asinine.

Special Teams (3):

Jay Feely

Mike Leech

Dave Zastudil

I will be keeping my eye on the TE position, the RB position and the WR position in the upcoming Thursday night preseason game. Specifically Ryan Williams, Jeff King, DC Jefferson, Korey Sperry, Richard Quinn, Juron Brown, Charles Hawkins and Mike Thomas.

Who will you be watching ? Do you think I missed on any of the positions here ? Should they keep two QB's or three ?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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