Ryan Lindley.... watch history be made tonight!!!!

I am so excited about tonight's game. I won't be able to watch because I don't have NFL Network and don't Live in AZ, but I will be following every throw Ryan Lindley will make. I am so glad he hasn't been cut yet.

You see, Lindley is in a very unique position- with his play tonight, he has the possibility of going down in HISTORY as the WORST QB OF ALL TIME.

I just read this blog post on ESPN by Sando- in it he says:

"Ryan Lindley gets one last chance in this preseason to show he's worth a spot. Lindley has no touchdown passes in 17 attempts this preseason. He had no touchdown passes and seven interceptions on 171 regular-season attempts as a rookie in 2012. He had one touchdown on 92 attempts during the 2012 preseason. It all adds up to one touchdown pass in 280 preseason and regular-season attempts. He has played under less than ideal circumstances. Can Lindley emerge from this preseason on an upward trajectory?"

(link: )

Just think about that for a moment. He has thrown the ball 280 times in NFL games and has 1 touchdown. I think by chance alone, blindfolding a monkey and giving him a football 280 times would result in more touchdowns. And for each throw Lindley has tonight (without a TD), that ratio will just get that much worse.

Look at someone like Aaron Rodgers for comparison's sake. Rodgers (in the regular season, not against 3rd stringers) threw the ball 552 times. he had 28 TDs, so on average, he threw one TD every 19.7 throws.

But it's not fair to compare Lindley- a guy who will be cut before the regular season for being horrible, to a potential future hall-of-Famer.

Let's look at the WORST QBs in recent memory... JaWalrus and Ryan leaf. For his terrible, terrible career, JaMarcus had 680 attempts and only 18 TDs and 23 picks. That means he threw a TD every 37.7 throws (and a pick every 29.6 throws). Leaf had 655 attempts, with 14 TDs and 36 INTs. So he threw a TD every 46.8 attempt, and an INT every 18.2 throws. Wow that's bad.

Ryan Lindley has played in 7 NFL games. He has never thrown a TD in a game. He's throws a TD once every 280 throws. According to the Bleacher Report, Curtis Painter is the worst active QB in the NFL. Lindley wasn't eligible because he missed the stats cut-off of number of games played by 1. Painter had 243 attempts, with 6 TDs and 11 INTs. That means he threw a TD every 40.5 throws, which is terrible. But not Ryan Lindley TERRIBLE.

In order for Lindley to not be the worst QB in league history, he will have to play lights out. And by lights out, I mean he will have to go 7/7 with 7 TDs, which will bring his TD ratio up to 1 TD every 35.9 throws, which would make him better than Painter AND Ryan leaf AND JaMarcus.

Good luck Lindley!!!! We are all counting on you!!!!!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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