RotB 2013 RotB Pick'em League - (please Rec)

The new season is almost upon us, with it comes the new season of Pick'em here at RotB. For those of us that remember, this once was the baby of long time member, Hawkwind. I continued his tradition last year and will do it again this year, unless Hawkwind is willing to take back the reins.

Below are the rules for RotB Pick'em. Please pay special attention to the change in rule no. 1. Any omitted pick will no longer cause the entire week's picks to be thrown out, but will now count as an automatic loss. There has been some controversy and discussion surrounding this rule for the last couple of years, and I have decided to make the change effective this year.

Can you knock off defending champion, don f? Or defending Ironman champion, iacardsfan?

Here are your rules:

1) Weeks 1 through 16 will have eight games to pick from and can include the Thursday game (if scheduled), the Cardinals game, the Sunday Night game, and Monday Night Football game. The remaining games will be chosen for their competitive unpredictability. Week 17 will have all games to pick.

  • Thursday games happen regularly in today's NFL, be sure to have your eight picks in that week if a Thursday game is on the Pick'em schedule. Your posts are time stamped and any posts/alterations after the listed official start time for a particular game will not be tallied for that week.
  • You may change your picks after the initial submission but not after that particular game's kick-off. So if you're adjusting your fantasy football roster just before kick-off, you may consider your Pick'em selections too.
  • Any pick not entered before it's official start time will count as an automatic loss. Be sure and double check your picks to ensure all eight games are entered.

2) To qualify for the Standard Pick'em championship a total of nine weeks of the NFL regular season must be picked; it is mandatory that picks are made for Week 16 and 17. To win the Iron Man Pick'em championship, all seventeen weeks of the season must be picked!

  • Here is where the Pick'em strategy can come into play, as weeks with tough match-ups can be skipped entirely to maintain a good winning average.
  • The last two weeks of the season must be picked to create an interesting finish to the league. It is conceivable that someone can jump to a commanding lead after nine weeks of picks and just ride out the rest of the season with that winning percentage. Picking the last two weeks of the season when starters are potentially getting rested on a playoff run gives the greatest potential to "mix it up" on the Pick'em leader board. For Week 17, the entire sixteen game schedule is picked.
  • Those that participate for the entire 17 week season are eligible for the Iron Man Pick'em championship. If you can remember to submit picks all season and do so with consistent results, you deserve some additional recognition!

3) Individuals' rankings are based on a correct vs. wrong percentage with the leader having the highest percentage correctly picked.

  • For example, Bezekira and hevchv picked fourteen winners correctly for 2009 Week 17. Fourteen of sixteen gives them a 0.875 winning percentage which would be a great finish to the season for anyone (won them the Standard and Iron Man championships that year respectively). A poor performance any given week isn't the end of your Pick'em hopes either; there is plenty of time to make a comeback.
  • In case of winning percentage ties, the tie breakers are Weeks Won Points then Weeks Picked followed by number of times the Cardinals were picked to win, with the last tie breaker being SBNation tenure. Hopefully a tie doesn't go that far!
  • Speaking of ties, in case the NFL has a tie (like that Bengals and Eagles game a number of years ago) unless you predicted a tie, it counts as an incorrect pick. If you predict a tie and one actually happens besides getting a correct pick you'll having bragging rights forever with RotB Pick'em League.

Whoever has the best record any given weeks earns one Weeks Won Point. In the case of ties, that point is split between all the tied participants. This "Weeks Won Point" total is the first tie-breaker and is only used for that.

I will try my best to have the updated results and new slate of games up every week by Tuesday evening, but cut me some slack if I run a little behind any given week.

Please Rec, it keeps this fanpost at the top of the list all week.

Here are this week's games. Being the first week we will skip the Thursday night game, but please remember going forward it will most likely be one of the eight games to pick and good luck to all!

Minnesota @ Detroit

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Seattle @ Carolina

Arizona @ St. Louis

Green Bay @ San Francisco

New York Giants @ Dallas

Philadelphia @ Washington

Houston @ San Diego

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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