1/1 Arizona Cardinals news: Welcome to 2014, may it be a great year.

Christian Petersen

Your daily news update of the Cardinals and NFL


Cardinals Blogs | What a difference a year makes, stat version
A look at what the statistics look like between Whisenhunt's 2012 and Arians' 2013

Birds Of A Feather Chat - Season Wrap
Wrap up chat before the playoffs begin.

Karlos Dansby the 'Most Valuable Acquisition' ArizonaSports.com
The question now becomes can the Cardinals keep him.

2013 was a season of firsts and improvement for Arizona Cardinals' DT Dan Williams ArizonaSports.com
The first sack is a good symbol for the type of season Dan Williams had for the Cardinals.

Power Rankings: No. 9 Arizona Cardinals - ESPN
The Cardinals beat the Seahawks and don't move, they lose to the 49ers and don't move. Acceptable.


The best plays from Week 17: Bad news, Bears - SBNation.com
The top plays in Week 17 had hits, near hits and terrible failures.

PFT Commenter's 2013 NFL Awards - SBNation.com
2013 was a great year to be a NFL football fan. Thank you all for sharing it with me.

Houston Texans to hire Bill O'Brien as new head coach, ESPN reports - SBNation.com
After just two seasons with Penn State, the former NFL coordinator is headed back to the professional ranks.

NFL news: Clay Matthews out, Dwayne Bowe cleared for practice - SBNation.com
Injuries are the focus around the NFL while teams prepare for the wild card games this weekend.

The Post-Mortem, Week 17: A horrific scheduling proposal - SBNation.com
It's great for Drew Brees. It's terrible for the Bucs, and every non-Saints fan with dignity. Post-Mortem wraps up its regular season examination of the week's losers.

2013 NFL Power Rankings, final edition: New Year's resolutions - SBNation.com
Ranking the NFL's 12 playoff teams -- and offering advice for the 20 teams hoping to turn around their luck next season.

Bengals, Colts and Packers face blackout this weekend - Cincy Jungle
Three teams hosting playoff games this weekend are struggling to push tickets and if they're unable to sell out by their respective deadline, those markets will be blacked out.

All the records Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos broke in 2013 - Mile High Report
It was a record-breaking year for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in 2013.

Buccaneers to interview Lovie Smith - Bucs Nation
If he isn't coming to Tampa, I will figuratively eat my shoe. What, you think I'd really eat shoes?

Could the NFL take Peyton Manning’s single season yardage record away? - Mile High Report
There's a chance when the NFL reviews the Broncos 34-14 win over the Raiders that the NFL may alter the stats where Manning misses out on the record.

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