2014 NFL Draft: Bruce Arians talks draft at Senior Bowl, discusses quarterbacks and more

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We get a little insight about the team's draft approach this offseason.

While practically everyone involved with the NFL Draft is in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl and practices, Arizona Republic reporter Bob McManaman spoke to Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians. It revealed a little bit about what we might see happen for the Cardinals when they make their draft selections in May.

For one, it sounds like we will not see a quarterback drafted this year. He is good with the three guys they have in their quarterback room now. He also doesn't believe that any quarterback they draft would learn a thing by sitting on the bench behind Carson Palmer.

Here are the tweets with the quotes that McManaman shared:

azbobbymacJan 22, 11:21am via web

Arians on what he would tell people who want to see the Cardinals draft a QB with the 20th overall pick: "Why?" He says they don't need one.

azbobbymacJan 22, 11:22am via web

Arians: "We've got two pretty good ones that are younger (Drew Stanton, Ryan Lindley). For us right now it's about winning a championship."

azbobbymacJan 22, 11:23am via web

Arians:" I don't think we can afford to have a guy come in like that. I'm not a believer in a guy learning anything sitting on the bench."

azbobbymacJan 22, 11:24am via web

Arians: "You have to play; it's the only way you learn. He's got to get the reps in practice, be under center and throwing all the time."

Arians has said that about drafting a quarterback. He would want him out there from Day 1. Obviously things can change, but a first round quarterback this year seems out of the question. It also seems to fly in the face of Steve Keim's "bring in a quarterback every year" idea.

Stanton is not exactly younger, but he has Arians' trust. Likewise, it looks like Arians has not given up on Ryan Lindley.

So unless something changes in the next couple of months, 2015 might be the year of the quarterback for the Cardinals.

Arians also noted that as for the offensive line and defensive line, free agency would likely be the best way to go there (Branden Albert?), so that might preclude an early lineman pick, as well.

What does Arians want? Speed, whether it is at the skill positions or from the pass rush. It sounds like he really wants a pass rusher -- a fast one.

azbobbymacJan 22, 11:28am via web

Arians: "I like our skill players, but we're always looking for speed. I like big, physical guys, a speed pass rusher. Speed's the thing."

So where will the Cardinals go in the draft? It sounds like the preference would be to get a premiere pass rusher. John Abraham won't be great forever, and the division already has good young sack artists -- Bruce Irvin, Aldon Smith, Robert Quinn. Arizona needs one.

What do you get from this? Is it smokescreen? If you had to glean anything from this, what would it be?

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