"I Wanna Mock!"

Much like Twisted Sister, I dig predicting the NFL draft. Can't get enough of the opinions of the players that the "experts" think will fall to Arizona and their guesses on why. It really makes good reading.

But, with all respects to ROTB's Seth Cox and Michael Oliver and everyone else from Joe Blow to Mike Mayock and the guy that's been doing it for decades with the same fiberglass hair - Mel Kiper Jr. - they're all just opinions, especially at this juncture of the season. With most of the authors it's educated guesses - talking to scouts, watching game film, looking at team needs- but opinions just the same. NFL Scouting Combine is weeks away, where it can may or break prospects and upgrade a Lane Johnson to a top 5 pick or let a player fall to Bjoern Werner status. Free Agency period doesn't start until March. Teams didn't start forming their boards until the underclassmen declare.

So, why can't NFL fans get enough of mock drafts?

Is it because the season is over and we're looking ahead? Every fanatic wants to feel good about the upcoming season. It's part of our living fiber to want to succeed, no one lives to fail. Last season, for most, went above expectations and those bar-levels have been raised. One step forward, no steps back is the protocol. Can't draft a BPA RB with Andre Ellington/Stephan Taylor/Ryan Williams/possible Rashard Mendenhall on the current roster and the second -tier OT that you know will help the hapless line is available? Not going to happen. You're the Steve Keim figurehead in the Cardinals Monopoly game and you're not going to pass GO and collect $200 without drafting an offensive tackle, no matter what it takes. You're that vested in the team.

Maybe you want to do a "Cody" and prove you're right. Nothing wrong with that, either. Like I said, everyone and their mother has a mock draft and in fact I did one that was fairly close to the actual picks last year. Again, you're playing the GM, you've spent hours upon days on getting the exact needs match up to the draft. You know the guy that will complete the puzzle and if the other guy suggests another player - he can suck it. You know what's right for the team to succeed and hellbent on expressing it.

But mostly it's entertainment value, weatherman-like in forecasting. One draft "expert" says chance of rain with a outside speed rusher while the next says cloudy with a chance of offensive lineman meatballs. Meanwhile, you see a seven day forecast of thunder and lightning in your backfield. How fantasy meets reality is a crapshoot.

All I know, as a Cardinals fan, is viewing the past the season and the sometimes crappy drafts of Rod Graves, reminds me of another Dee Snider song:

We're not going to take it.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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