Grading the 1st Year Coaches (Request by RyanB17)

Last season during the frenzy of coaching hires, SB Nation ranked the new coaches.

RyanB17 brought it up on a thread about these grades should be documented and we can look at it after year one or two. Well it's after the first year, and after today, all, but one, of the first year head coaches are done with their seasons. Let's take a look...

1) Andy Reid- Kansas City Chiefs

2) Chip Kelly- Philadelphia Eagles

3) Marc Trestman- Chicago Bears

4) Gus Bradley- Jacksonville Jaguars

5) Mike McCoy- San Diego Chargers

6) Doug Marrone- Buffalo Bills

7) Rod Chudzinski- Cleveland Browns

8) Bruce Arians- Arizona Cardinals

Let's take a look at each coach...

Andy Reid:
Record: 11-5, 2nd AFC West
Playoffs: Wildcard Loss

Reid turned around a 2-14 offensive joke, into an offense that thrives off its defense. Reid took a gamble on Alex Smith, and it paid dividends in the end.

Chip Kelly:
Record: 10-6, 1st NFC East
Playoffs: Wildcard Loss

The second man on SB Nations list, started his tenure looking bleak. The Eagles were 3-5 and looked well on their way to another losing season. However, with the emergence of Nick Foles, and just how capably he could run Kelly's offense, the Eagles won 7 of their next eight games to end the season 10-6 and a wildcard birth.

Marc Trestman:
Record: 8-8, 2nd NFC North
Playoffs: None

Trestman was a surprise hiring. He was brought in from the CFL of all places and his unit was actually on the right path, before injuries decimated his team. Injuries can be an excuse in most seasons, but in a year where multiple teams made the playoffs, despite injuries to several major players, the lack of success cannot be blamed solely on injuries.

Gus Bradley:
Record: 4-10, 3rd AFC South
Playoffs: None

Bradley landed in one of the least desirable jobs in the NFL. His team was primed for the 1st overall pick, and a shot at a Franchise QB in Teddy Bridgewater, until his team finally won. Following the teams bye, the Jags went 4-4,and ended a 4-10 season. Bradley seemed to have inspired his players, and next season will be interesting to see how he comes out.

Mike McCoy:
Record: 9-7, 3rd AFC West
Playoffs: Pending

McCoy was interviewed by Arizona, before he ultimately took up the job with the Chargers. He has brought life to Phillip Rivers who appeared to be on his last legs in San Diego, and primed to start looking for another job. The Chargers were a surprise team, and got the help they needed to make the postseason.

Doug Marrone:
Record: 6-1, 4th AFC East
Playoffs: None

Marrone was a hot hire from Syracuse University. He drafted EJ Manuel to sit behind former Cardinal, Kevin Kolb, until Kolb suffered an unfortunate concussion, ending his season. Manuel was thrust into the fire, and looked good, despite losing several games at the last second. Marrone has built together a solid unit of starters, it's just his depth players that should be looked at and readdressed.

Rod Chudzinski:
Record: 4-12, 4th AFC North, FIRED
Playoffs: None

His team actually held the lead in the North for awhile. At one point the Browns were 3-2, until former Cardinal Brian Hoyer, went down with a season ending ACL tear. After that the likes of Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden sunk another Browns season. Chudzinski was fired... Which I believe is absolute cr.... If you want to build an elite team, you don't expect success after a coaches first season. The head guys in Cleveland should be run out of town.

Bruce Arians:
Record: 10-6, 3rd NFC West
Playoffs: None

Arians did something the other coaches on this list cannot admit... He built a competitive team, with a very limited cap space. His coaching staff isn't just a room full of coaches, it's a room full of guys who are knowledgeable in the game of football. He brought in two of the oldest guys in the NFL, who have seen it all. He took a chance on an aging QB, who was but a ghost in Oakland, and made this team competitive. Had this not been the NFC West, Arizona would be playing in the Playoffs this month.

Readjust Grades:

1) Andy Reid- Took a 2-14 team, to 11-5 is no small feat.

2) Chip Kelly- His team beat Arizona, which gives him the nod to number 2.

3) Bruce Arians- Built a great environment to draw in players to the Desert.

4) Mike McCoy- Has made Ken Whisenhunt look like the Whiz of old, and given Philip Rivers a second chance.

5) Gus Bradley- His team is a long ways from competing, but he gives players hope.

6) Marc Trestman- His team was hurt by injuries, but what I think defined his season the most, was stating that Jay Cutler needed to deserve his deal, and I don't see how he did.

7) Doug Marrone- Until he builds the depth on offense, he'll sit here in 7.

8) Rod Chudzinski- This grade is more because he was unjustly fired, than because of how his team played. You cannot rank a coach freshly fired, higher than coaches still under contract. He will likely land a job elsewhere, as a coordinator.

What say you?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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