Dealing With The Cards

Preface: I wrote this last season on a different site and has no relevance to the upcoming season but I felt the need to share, because, one - I'll lose it if I don't copy it -and two - much like you, you're reading this because you have a passion for the Arizona Cardinals.

I’ve had this addiction for a while.

Probably, since about 1998 when I first realized that it was taking time, money and personal time away from my family and consuming me. It was all I thought about and constantly yearned for more. I needed it and in my sick, perverted mind – it needed me more.

I went through days off with either tears of happiness or disgust – there was no in between – and it carried over to my work and family. Back then I knew I had a "problem", but I dismissed it as much as I just did right now (with the use of parentheses). It wasn’t really something paramount.

But after the last two years of getting deeper and deeper into the depths of despair, I reached a breaking point, where I could no longer live with the demons that were controlling my emotions, my actions – my life.

With the consultation of family and friends, I relented to AA counseling that I prayed would rid me of this wretched disease that had a brief recession in 2008, yet trended downwards since. I needed help, hated the limelight shone on me, yet I knew deep down I had to admit there was a problem first, in effort to solve it.

So there I sat in the back row of the first meeting – listening to the broken record of people sitting in the same situation of me – knowing their pain, yet afraid to confirm that I was just like them.

Angry, confused, embarrassed and trying to figure a reason why.

The end of the wrenching and crying over spilled milk discussion had occurred and I knew it was now or never for me. This was my time to speak up and upchuck the vile from the last 25 years and I nervously stood up, cleared my throat and did so:

"Hi. My name is AndyStandsUp and I’m an Arizona Cardinals fan." (At AZCardinals Anonymous)

Yep. I’m one of those guys that root for one of the worst franchises of all time. I’m the lone guy that said the Kevin Kolb trade was the right thing in the moment and ended up getting kicked in the teeth for it. I’m the one that saw 9-7 as the greatest thing since sliced bread and was laughed into oblivion. I felt the ubiquitous 5-11 Vince Tobin/Dave McGuiness/Joe Bugel/Gene Stallings/Buddy Ryan/Denny Green years and took it to heart, family and work every season.

I’ve thrust most every fiber of my being into being a solid fan of the team and the reciprocation has been next to nil. This must be akin to falling in love with a hooker, where all you get is the emptiness of paying 50 bucks with high expectations and left with an emptier wallet and the likely chance you’ll do the same the following Sunday.

I’m addicted to the Arizona Cardinals and I can’t stop. God (and Bruce Arians) help me.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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