No Ebron, No Amaro, No ASJ

My draft strategy has changed. With it, comes a fresh mock draft. I had to take a step away from the big board for a little while to get a fresh perspective. What I came back with, was some new ideas and new players I hadn't previously considered. Here goes that new perspective. Tell me what you think in the comments or Rec your favorite comments.

Round 1

Taylor Lewan LT Michigan

( Trade 6th round pick, Ryan Williams and pick 20 to Jets and move to pick 18 just ahead of Miami )

Taylor Lewan is a born and bread LT. Great feet. Great balance. Long arms. Mean streak. The first thing I notice with Lewan is that he is not a right tackle. That's a good thing. This guy can come in and start right away at LT and be an above average LT in the league for 10 plus years. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Round 2

Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech

Kyle Fuller may possibly be the lockdown corner the Cards need opposite Patrick Peterson. Without an elite pass rusher available in the 2nd round; shoring up the secondary is the next best thing. The first thing you notice about Fuller is not his upside; it's his polished technique, length, speed and fluid movement on the field. This would allow the cardinals to move Powers to the slot which will make for a very dangerous secondary.

Round 3

Ahmad Dixon S Baylor

Ahmad Dixon is a fast and physical player. The Cards effectively complete what could be one of the most exciting secondaries in football by drafting Ahmad Dixon. Dixon is the type of player that may draw a few roughness penalties but that's not such a bad thing when your talking about a strong safety.

Round 4

Josh Huff WR Oregon

Josh Huff is one of my favorite wide receivers in this draft. He's got such short area quickness, burst and long speed. He has house potential every time he touches the ball. He is the perfect combination to play in the slot, go deep, run WR screens and reverses in Arians offense.

Round 5

Gabe Ikard C Oklahoma

Gable Ikard can play guard or center. Given the situation at right guard this upcoming year and the aging Sendeline; it wouldn't be a bad idea to draft a player like Ikard who could come in and make a push at those two spots. Likely though; he will need a year to get stronger and develop but with the Lewan, Cooper and potentially Watford and Massie, the entire line could be rebuilt in two years. Of course, these players need to pan out and prove it on the field though.

Round 6

Pick traded to the Jets.

I realize there wasn't a TE in this mock draft but I think that's a position I the Cardinals will be willing and able to address in FA; to a means. The cards likely won't be able to afford a LT in FA, so I'm proceeding as such until they are able to free up more cap space. I think they will keep Mendy who came on late in the season and give him, Ellington and Taylor a line to run behind. There wasn't an OLB in this mock either. The Cards have a ton of OLB depth and proved they can get the pass rush done without an elite pass rusher by playing great run defense. The most pressing need is in the secondary; especially in a passing league. Mathieu coming off injury, losing Cason and Arenas, Powers being a step slow on the longer routes and Rashad showing to be average; they need to add some speed and playmaking ability to their back end.

This year is a good year to solidify their secondary and finish building their Oline. Next year will be the year they will have an opportunity to get younger and faster on the Dline and draft that luxury TE.

What do you think of the trade ? Would you be happy with this draft ?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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