3/14 Arizona Cardinals news: Another splash with Ted Ginn Jr., Cromartie to meet with FO

Jed Jacobsohn

Your daily news update for the Cardinals and NFL.


Cardinals Choose Ted Ginn For Speed
Shaughnessy agrees to two-year deal; CB Cromartie visits

Cardinals Blogs | Adding a cornerback. Maybe Cromartie
It's one thing to bring Cromartie in for talks, but don't worry about overpaying for him.

In Ted Ginn, Jr., the Arizona Cardinals finally got their speed ArizonaSports.com
Since Arians was hired there was talk of bringing in a speed receiver and now they finally have an established one

Report: Antonio Cromartie to visit with Arizona Cardinals ArizonaSports.com
The front office is proving the Cardinals are set on improving all across the board.

Ted Ginn is flexible with Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
With a coaching staff happy to use players in any capacity, Ginn understands he can make a breakout season.

Ted Ginn to fill multiple roles for Cardinals - ESPN
One player to fulfill two needs.

What do Tedd Ginn, Antonio Cromartie visits to Cardinals mean? - ESPN
The moves indicate the team understands where its weaknesses lay last year

Analyzing Kiper 3.0: Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
With the signing of Veldheer takes pressure off the Cardinals trying to fill a need with a rookie


Nickel & diming: How subpackages have become the new base defense in the NFL - SBNation.com
Forget about 3-4 and 4-3 defenses or every-down players, specialization is the new paradigm among NFL defenses. Danny Kelly explains how that's impacting free agency and the draft.

'No Comment': The Adam Schefter and Ed Werder buddy-sitcom - SBNation.com
The dynamic duo of breaking NFL news as you've never seen them before!

NFL free agency roundup: Vince Wilfork wants to be released, Justin Tuck finds a home in the Bay Area - SBNation.com
Several more notable veterans hit the open market while a couple players find new homes. Did your team make any big moves on Thursday?

Steve Smith to Panthers: There will be 'blood and guts everywhere' - SBNation.com
Steve isn't taking his release from Carolina very well.

NFL free agency 2014: Broncos, Patriots big winners on Wednesday - SBNation.com
The Patriots and Broncos had strong Wednesdays in the free agent market, while the Cowboys and Buccaneers ... didn't.

Understanding why Steve Smith is leaving the Panthers - Cat Scratch Reader
No grand narrative or back-alley dealings, simply a man and a team that could no longer work together. Forget good guys and bad guys, this is why Steve Smith will be cut.

Rodger Saffold failed Raiders physical with torn labrum, per report - SBNation.com
The Saffold saga hasn't died down quite yet, with reports surfacing that the tackle has a torn labrum and that's why Oakland turned back on its five-year deal.

Saints will trade Darren Sproles to Eagles - SBNation.com
The speedy running back may have preferred a release over a trade, but landing in the prolific Philly offense isn't that bad of a deal.

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