ROTB Roundtable: Off-season Grade, Running backs, and Extra Points

Jeff Gross

As we start to near the "Draft talk" period of the off-season, there are still plenty of questions circulating the league.

The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of these.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) What grade would you give the Cardinals off-season thus far?

Jess Root: I give it a solid B. The signing of Jared Veldheer is great and the addition of Antonio Cromartie was solid. The re-signing of Frostee Rucker, Matt Shaughnessy and Jake Ballard were solid. I have reservations about John Carlson. Ted Ginn I initially loved, but then cooled a little bit. The contracts look good so far.

Alex Mann: I would say a B+. The team acquired their starting left tackle, added a cornerback of starting talent, to play opposite of Patrick Peterson, added a vastly underrated running back to their talented backfield, and signed a tight end who, despite injury concerns, has the potential to flourish in Arizona.

They re-signed key cogs to their defensive unit, and while they let Dansby go, they can still target a potential starter in the draft.

AndyStandsUp: Probably a "B+". Losing Dansby is tough but obviously was too rich for the team's blood. They've filled all potential holes except for RT and SS and both Winston and Bell are still in play, if so desired.

2) Given that Rashard Mendenhall retired a month ago, what do you think the running back unit will look like at the start of the season?

Jess Root: I think that we more or less know what it will look like. If the team drafts a running back, Ryan Williams is in trouble. A back like Alfonso Smith -- solid special teams contributor -- could be in the mix. But the backs that get work will be Ellington, Taylor and Dwyer.

Alex Mann: The two big guys, barring a huge draft upset, will be Andre Ellington and Stepfan Taylor. You would figure Ryan Williams will be looked at heavily during the offseason, but right now, Dwyer looks like the guy who will take Williams place on the roster.

AndyStandsUp: Evidently Dwyer and Ellington will be the guys that get the majority of the carries. Would love to see what Taylor and Williams can/will do in the preseason, though.

3) What is your opinion on the potential extra-point change? (The NFL is mulling over whether to push the line of scrimmage for extra-point kicks back to the 25 yard line or not.)

Jess Root: I don't have an issue with it, although it would be weird to kick a 43-yarder for one point, but kick a 25-yarder for three. I would rather see the video game option -- automatic one or option to go for two, but I would move the two-point conversion line of scrimmage to the one-yard line. It is not really necessary, but I don't have an issue with it.

Alex Mann: I have no views on it, other than it has the potential to be a game changer. Until we see how it works out, I will hold my views.

AndyStandsUp: Another change in the game that has had unprecedented success. Whatever happened to "Don't fix what isn't broken", Goodell?

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