Holeman1's 2014 Mock Draft for the Cardinals

hey guys, holeman1 here, and I am coming to you live with the best mock draft that is possible for the Cardinals, warning this mock is so good that it is actually be illegal in Cleveland and Oakland (lol), anyway, lets to the action:

With the 20th pick of the NFL Draft, the Cardinals select... C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama!!!

With a nice mix of size, strength, speed, intelligence, and experience, C.J. Mosley cracks my list over Calvin Pryor and Shazier for the reason that I see him developing into a Karlos Dansby type of player for our team, who will be a jack-of-all-trades linebacker that will be asked to do anything from cover TE's to blitz up the gut, and I see him doing all of that.

as far as our need for ILB, we need more talent at the position than you may think, in my Defensive Depth chart, we only have Kevin Minter, Lorenzo Alexander (who converted from OLB) and D-Wash (which is probably going to be suspended), even if we sign another guy in the late rounds of free agency we will need another long term guy, and Mosley can compete and possibly win that starting spot.

With the 52nd Pick of the NFL Draft, the Cardinals select... Stephon Tuitt, DE, Notre Dame!!!

Tuitt is a guy who can play inside or out with speed, power, and size. he posses a nice skillset and I can see him giving us a nice guy to sit behind Dockett then will seamlessly replace.

as the need at the position is interesting, we have a top 10 D-line by itself, however it is getting older then will eventually implode sometime in the next 2-3 years as Dockett and Campbell are getting older, we need elite prospects to fill the void that they will leave.

With the 84th Pick of the NFL Draft, the Cardinals select... Ahmad Dixon, S, Baylor!!!

after passing up on Calvin Pryor and Deone Bucannon we cannot pass on this position any longer, and surprisingly we still get my favorite safety in the whole draft. Dixon is a very versatile, he can play FS or SS and can cover or blitz with ease. he has stockpiled tackles on the ground and can pound running backs while still providing elite coverage of bigger recivers.

SS is a way bigger need than FS for us. right now we have Rashad Johnson as a lock in starter at FS, and after Mathieu returns we will have a solid core once we find a SS, Dixon is obviously not a obvious answer, but he will provide key depth and compete to start as he is labeled as a hard worker.

With the 120th Pick of the NFL Draft, the Cardinals select... Arthur Lynch, TE, Georgia!!!

we take a Tight End to compete for a backup position. Lynch has nice size and blocks rather well, he also has made several clutch catches and is very versatile. he will provide depth at the #2 tight end spot.

another thing that Lynch provides is stability in case we trade Rob Housler away which seems very smart as Housler has not really fit for us...

With the 160th pick of the NFL Draft, the Cardinals select... Anthony Steen, G, Alabama!!!

we take extra line depth, the question is do we take a tackle or guard, and I say guard for the simple fact that we have 3 contenders for the position, Sowell, Massie, and Potter. and ideally one of the three guys will work harder than the rest and will start for us. while what do we have for RG? we do have Fanikia and Watford, but a third guy could be added for competition and future security.

With the 196th Pick of the NFL Draft, the Cardinals select... Ty Zimmerman, S, Kansas State!!!

we add another weapon to our secondary, and while this is a reach I have a good feeling about this prospect. Zimmerman may not be HUGE or super fast, but he posses the intelligence to make it as a safety in the NFL. he is a borderline ballhawk and covers tight ends very well for what he is. adding another guy to add competition with Jefferson and Dixon is not a bad idea, especially when you have a sleeper like this guy who I could see being a situational safety for our team.

so that concludes my mock draft, in essence we got our secondary locked up with talent while providing future depth along both the offensive and defensive line. we also added a ILB that could be a difference maker in the long-run. if you have comments, questions, or angry rants, please post it below.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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