Offensive Depth Chart, Review, and Needs heading into the Draft

hey guys, I did a overview like this for our defense, and I felt incomplete not doing one for our offense too. look over it, learn something new, lets get started with a depth chart:

Depth Chart (starters and notable backups are included)

QB: Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Ryan Lindley

RB: Andre Ellington, Jonathan Dwyer, Stephan Taylor, Ryan Williams

LT: Jared Veldheer, Bradley Sowell

LG: Johnathan Cooper

C: Lyle Sendlin, Ted Larsen

RG: Paul Fanaika, Earl Watford

RT: Bobbie Massie, Nate Potter

WR1: Larry Fitzgerald

WR2: Michael Floyd, Jaron Brown

WR3 (slot): Ted Ginn Jr., Brittan Golden

TE: Rob Housler, John Carlson, Jake Ballard


as far as our QB situation goes RIGHT NOW, we are pretty good. between Palmer trying to continue his solid performances and Arians praising Stanton on his ability to take the wheel of this team, I think that we might not need rush when getting a new one. if we would want to take for the one as a QB for the future then he would have to be someone that is developmental and has a huge upside while also being someone that wont use a perfectly good draft pick that could be spent on a place of bigger need.

last year we made major renovations in our run game, and while we did not go beast mode on anything (except the Falcons and Darrell Revis), we did make huge strides in getting a solid committee of runners led by the surprising Andre Ellington. we also added Dwyer to our RB list and will compete with Taylor for that #2 spot. one guy that is interesting heading in to the 2014 season is Ryan Williams, speculations on him range from him being a part of our RB mix to cutting or trading him. but I think that even if we cut Williams we could still have a nice run game in 2014.

O-line has been a problem ever since the Warner era (that probably the reason he retired, bad O-line), and by signing Jared Veldheer we have made a small step in making a long term O-line that could be a force to recon with. Jonathan Cooper is returning next season and will solidify our left side for at least the next couple of seasons. Sendlin has been getting a lot of flack, but honestly I think that he is pretty solid, even if he doesn't do well or he gets injured then we can fall back onto our newly signed Larsen. as far as the right side goes we need improvement, and while we do have some contenders already on our team to occupy those spots, its better to add competition to them.

right now we are mostly good on receivers, our number 1 and 2 spots lack depth, but unless Fitz or Floyd gets hurt we should be good. our only real problem is at slot, we did sign Ted Ginn for that role but he has never proven himself as a slot receiver and as a KR/PR he is prone to injuries, a 3rd day guy should provide sufficient depth

our TE situation is solid but unstable. Housler is a very inconsistent weapon that has a problem with drops but as a whole he can be a receiving weapon, there is talk though about us possibly trading him under the circumstances that has produced minimally with our system and does not block that great. John Carlson and Ballard are two solid #2 guys that block and receive both relatively reliably, but they cant produce at a major level I believe. adding extra depth would be the key to having more flexibility.


Big Needs:


Moderate Needs/ Depth Needs:


Low Needs:

WR1, WR2, LT, C, RB

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Revenge of the Birds' (ROTB) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of ROTB's editors.</em>

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