Logan Thomas says he is 'a lot more ready than people think'

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The Cardinals fourth rounder does not see himself as much as a project as many think.

If there is one pick that has been more polarizing than others, it was the selection of Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas. Labeled as a developmental prospect, some consider him a waste of a pick (the list of fourth round quarterbacks is not a good one), other see him as another Colin Kaepernick, while others see a future tight end. 

The knock on him is his accuracy, as he completed less than 56 percent of his passes in his collegiate career.

When Thomas was introduced to local media on Friday, he downplayed a lot of the talk that he is a long way away from finding playing time in the league. 

While he is happy to be able to sit and learn behind Carson Palmer, he still wants to play. "I just want to progress as fast as possible," to be able to be in a position where the coaching staff would trust him to play if needed. 

As a longer term goal, he was asked where he saw himself in two seasons, he didn't hesitate in saying, "in two years from now I'd love to be a starter in the league."

His supposed weakness -- his accuracy and his touch -- are things he has been working on all offseason with quarterback guru George Whitfield on his footwork and accuracy. He said he corrected some bad foot placement (he would step onto his tiptoes rather than firmly planting his foot when he throws) and he has been working to deal with reestablishing good body control under pressure. 

He does not believe that he is an inaccurate thrower. 

"I don't think it's because I'm not accurate, it;s because I put myself in bad positions to be accurate," he told reporters. "Everything is correctable."

The term "project quarterback" is not a term he really likes, as you can tell by his comments.

"I definitely think I'm a lot more ready than people think," he explained. "I think people label me a 'project' simply off of stats."

While he knows he has things to work on, like all players in the NFL, "I don't think mine's as crazy as people are trying to make it out to be."

"I don't think I have as much work" as people think. 

Thomas has the right demeanor so far. Cardinals fans have not been blessed with starter success from late round quarterbacks the team has drafted. John Navarre was bad. John Skelton would be terrible then good, but ended up awful. Ryan Lindley had a historically bad tenure as a starter. 

Can Thomas break the trend? He would have you believe so. 

What do you think?

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