Arizona Cardinals news 6/1: More Daryl Washington, Jay Feely not giving up to young competition

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals and NFL news to start your day.

The INternet brought us more content about Daryl Washington. SB Nation was at the NFLPA Rookie Preview. Jay Feely talked about the competition he has for the kicking job on the team.


Jay Feely Plans To Win Kicking Battle
Cardinals have added Hrapmann and Catanzaro to push veteran

What’s next at ILB for the Cardinals - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN
Arizona isn't quite in def-con mode just yet, but their options to find a suitable replacement for Washington are limited. There aren't many three-down backs who are comparable to Washington, who was the only player in the NFL with at least 300 tackles and 15 sacks, according to ESPN Stats & Information, to begin with. To find one on free agency or on the waiver wire will be next to impossible.

Cardinals need to cut ties with Daryl Washington - ESPN
It's time to rid the franchise of a young man who'd rather enjoy being high than the adrenaline of winning a game.

Daryl Washington foolish, but NFL targets wrong substance
The NFL's war on drugs has claimed Daryl Washington, throwing cold water on our Super Bowl dreams.

I wouldn't want to be Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim right now
Mathieu is showing -- at least through his first year -- players with these issues can come back, be productive and buy into the team concept. That begs the question: Can Daryl Washington be one of those players?

Arizona Cardinals need to cut Daryl Washington now
Enough is enough with this clown. It's time for the Arizona Cardinals to cut Daryl Washington and move on. He has proven to be untrustworthy, extremely selfish and totally incapable of supporting his team or this community.


Tre Mason says he'll compete for Rams starting job -
Zac Stacy was a breakout player for the Rams last season, but don't expect to Tre Mason to idly wait his turn for playing time.

Jeremy Hill expects to play for Bengals -
Jeremy Hill doesn't want to sit during his rookie season with the Bengals. The running back says he has already been taken under the wings of Giovani Bernard and Andy Dalton.

Tre Mason stirs important Five Guys vs. In-N-Out debate -
Five Guys versus In-N-Out, the Rams running back has a preference.

2014 NFLPA Rookie Premiere: Meet the NFL's incoming class -
SB Nation and SB Nation Studios are in Los Angeles talking to the future stars of the NFL at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

Mike Evans responds to Jim Rome interview: 'I wasn't trying to be an idiot' -
Tampa Bay's rookie receiver offered an explanation for a rough interview on the Jim Rome Show last week.

After the Axe: Leslie Frazier and the golden handcuffs -
Leslie Frazier and George Costanza have a lot in common. Ryan Nanni gets to the bottom of it in a completely fictitious interview with the former Vikings head coach.

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