2014 NFL countdown: 62 days left, what is the Cardinals history for No. 62?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Just another number.

We are now at 62 days remaining until the start of the regular season for the Arizona Cardinals.

Let's look at what players have worn jersey number 62. You will find it is another unspectacular history, until you go way back.

The number is now worn by Ted Larsen, a guard/center who was signed to a two-year contract this offseason. There has been nothing mentioned about him in offseason workouts or mini-camp. While he is a veteran, I wouldn't see it as a surprise if he doesn't make the team. We will see where he is in training camp.

No one wore it in 2012, but two did in 2011. Both were backup centers. Ben Claxton and Ryan Bartholomew. Nothing special there.

In 2005, it belonged to center Shawn Lynch, who payed in two games, starting one.

Then you have to go back before 2000. From 1996-99, it was worn by center Mike Devlin. After three years as a backup in Buffalo, he joined the Cardinals. he was the team's starter for two seasons and then went to the bench.

Ben Coleman wore 62 from 1993-95. He was a second round pick in 1993. He was a backup his rookie season and then started 13 games in 1994. He was cut three games into the 1995 season. Buddy Ryan did not like him.

Of course, he would go on to be a starter in the league for six more seasons. Coleman, Ricky Proehl and Michael Zordich are names that Cardinals fans will remember that Ryan got rid of.

In 1989, it was worn by backup guard Mike Zandofsky. He played his rookie season for the Cardinals after being drafted in the third round, starting six games. He would go on to play eight more seasons, four as a starter.

Guard Ray Brown wore 62 from 1986-88. He was drafted in the eighth round and started eight games in three seasons. He was another player that went on to have a long, successful NFL career. The Redskins developed him and he was a starter in the league from 1992-2004.

Here are the rest:

1984 -- G/DT Ramsey Dardar

1981 -- T/DE Dale Markham

1976-81 -- OL Keith Wortman

1973-74 -- DL Dave Butz

1972 -- DL Martin Imhof, T Steve Wright

1958-67 -- LB/G Dale Meinert (He was a three-time Pro Bowler)

1956 -- G John Dittrich

1950-51 -- HB/QB/DB/P Charli Trippi (He is in the Hall of Fame and did it all. He would also wear No. 2 from 1952-55.)

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