Arizona Cardinals coaching search: Ray Horton may not be the 'leading candidate'

AZ Central Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers gives his thoughts on the coaching search

As the search continues for the next head coach for the Arizona Cardinals, fans are left waiting, especially with the rumors flying around everywhere about the candidates. Is Ray Horton the favorite? How much longer will it take? Whom else will Michael Bidwill interview?

AZ Central Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers was on 12 News and gave his thoughts on the situation and was asked about Ray Horton first. "I don't think he's the leading candidate," he explained. "He's certainly the candidate that most of us know more about. We know about how he coaches defense and the success he's had the last couple of years. And you see sound bytes like that and you think 'if that'my team, I want a confident guy like that coaching it."

Somers doesn't know if there is a frontrunner now and that there will probably be a "handful" of candidates to interview.

One of the things that he noted is that Bidwill is able to do some of the work a little more under the radar because he is a pilot with his own plane, so he can go out himself and work "with a lot of stealth."

He thinks that the actual hiring could take a while, noting Bidwill's desire to go through due diligence in the process. When Ken Whisenhunt was hired, the team interviewed four candidates, brought them to town and that was without hiring a general manager as well.

Based on what he said about Chip Kelly being the domino, he almost sounded like he wouldn't be surprised if the Cards made their hire after most the other teams had made theirs, which is interesting. It shows confidence that they will find the candidate they want without rushing or looking desperate.

Another thing to consider is the fact that their other targets may in fact be on teams that are still in the playoffs.

They interviewed Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and could because they were on bye, but now the Cardinals would have a small window to interview candidates.

While the "news" has been churning out reports like crazy, we may need patience.

But go ahead and read up on all the rumors. It's okay. I won't mind it. In fact, I encourage it because we will feed you all the rumors that come up. That's what we do.

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