Jason Mulkey


I am 34 years old, and was born and raised in Mesa Arizona. I have dreamed of becoming a writer since I was in junior high. It all started when my dad and I would go to sporting events including Arizona Cardinals games, and my dad would always have sports talk radio on in the car both on the way to and from the games. Soon, I was hooked, and that's when I discovered that I wanted to be a journalist myself. One sleepless night about 5 years ago, I just started typing on the computer all night long, which has led me to this opportunity here. My goal is to spread the word, and give readers the eye-popping story that they want to hear.


7/20 Bird Droppings: Sunday Cards and NFL links


Arizona Cardinals rankings heading into training camp plus NFL News including some Buffalo Bills headlines

Honey Badger among NFL's most dynamic safeties


The Honey Badger has made enough of an impact on the Cardinals defense to land him a spot on an NFL writers dynamic list of safeties in the NFL

Who has worn No. 57?


A look at the history of who has worn the No. 57 jersey as we continue to countdown until the Cardinals open the 2014 season on Monday Night Football.

7/13 Bird Droppings: Sunday Cards and NFL links


The Cardinals say farewell to a tree, and other teams in the NFC West share some fun moments before the start of training camp, and the impact of King James' return to Cleveland from the Browns...

Only 63 days left -- what is history of No. 63?


Only 63 days remaining until the Cards make their 2014 season debut

Palmer's numbers by direction


This part of the series focuses on which direction the Cardinals QB was most effective at when throwing the football in 2013

6/29 Bird Droppings: Daily Cardinals links


Your daily roundup of Arizona Cardinals news as well as other news around the NFL

78 days to kickoff, what Cards have worn No. 78?


Isn't it Great to know that there are 78 Arizona Cardinals jerseys left until the start of the 2014 season?

6/22 Bird Droppings: Sunday links to start the day


Your daily Bird droppings includes and honorable week in review as well as other news from around the league

Are Palmer's best years yet to come?


With the resiliency he possesses in addition to the talent surrounding him the 34-year-old quarterback still has something to prove

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