Alex Davidson

Staff writer

Born in London, Ontario. Big Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Blue Jays, and Arizona Cardinals fan! I also write for Revenge of the Birds, and spend more time reading/writing/talking about sports than working on my degree in Media, Information, and Technoculture at Western University.


NFL Power Rankings: Bye Bye Bye (Playoff Hopes)


While the Arizona Cardinals are far from mathematical elimination, from a realistic standpoint playoff aspirations were lost along with the game on Sunday vs the St. Louis Rams. Most fans of any...

What was the play of the game?


Another week culminated in a loss, another week to depressingly look at the positives from a loss. Here we'll take a look at some of the more impressive plays by the Cardinals in their loss to the...

Cards vs Rams: Player of the Game


Another week, another loss, another spot gained in the race for a draft pick. Check out some notable performances from this weeks edition of: The Arizona Cardinals lose. Make sure to vote for who...

Revenge of the Birds Week 11 Power Rankings


Where does your team rank in this week's edition of the Power Rankings?

Cardinal's plays of the game from Sunday's loss


Despite the loss and offensive struggles, Sunday's game feature quite a few highlights for Arizona. Check out five of them here and vote for your favorite.

NFL Power Rankings: The Undefeated have Fallen


It took until the week 10, but the 1972 Dolphins perfect record will remain solely theirs as Atlanta lost to New Orleans Sunday. This loss comes one week prior to the Falcons engagement with our...

NFL Power Rankings: Cards outta the Top 20

After climbing as high as number 3 in some Power Rankings, the Arizona Cardinals have started their free fall. Where do they, as well as the other 31 NFL teams rank in this week's RotB Power Ranking.

Little Thing that made the Difference


Happy Halloween Cardinals fans. Let's hope that on Monday night, the Cards let the local children dress up as them and play against the 49ers. Because if not, that performance really stinks. Here's...

Weekly Revenge of the Birds Power Rankings


4 wins in a row, top of the world. 4 loses in a row, down in the dumps. Such is the life of an Arizona Cardinals fan, and the power rankings reflect that. Cardinals are easily the biggest enigma of...


Revenge of the Birds hangs out with Niners Nation

GreaZzy from Revenge of the Birds and David Fucillo from Niners Nation are having a Google+ hangout to talk about the upcoming Monday Night divisional matchup! Stop by and check it out here!

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