D.L. Parsons

Staff writer

Like most Arizona Cardinals fans, they weren't my first team. Until they arrived, my team was the Baltimore Colts, because I idolized Johnny Unitas. I even copied his throwing motion. Then, they moved, and the owner's name became a filthy curse word in my home, never to be spoken or heard again. When the Cards arrived, the Colts became my AFC team (once they changed conferences), and the Cards my NFC team. I care a lot about the Cards. Too much, my family says. I'm depressed when they lose (so I've been depressed quite a few Monday mornings since 1988). I've been conducting my therapy by making snarky comments for the past few years, especially on Revenge of the Birds. So I'm happy to continue, now as a staff writer!


5/4: Bird Droppings: D-Wash in the news again


D-Wash arrested; former players as coaching interns, Cards getting younger, and with 10 cornerbacks on the roster, something's gotta give.

5/3 Bird Droppings: D-Wash sought; M. Shipp back


D-Wash sought for questioning; Marcel Shipp back as a coach intern; Ellington called a steal; and a discussion about how good the changes to the team really are.

5/2: Bird Droppings: Sherman traded for J. Arenas


FB Sherman sent to KC for Arenas, more positive draft grades, and ex-Card Tim Hightower visits the Giants.

Armchair GM eats crow: leave drafts to pros


Draft without clear cut Number One pick makes it difficult to pick the picks correctly. that's why some smart people get paid to do it.

4/26 Bird Droppings: Cooper drafted, Draft Day 2


Jonathon Cooper is the Cards first round draft pick in this years draft. First guard taken after three top tackles go 1-2-4. Reaction from around the Internet and Twitter.

Armchair General Manager final pre-draft strike.


Which remaining free agent linebackers, cornerbacks and safeties could help the Cardinals?

4/25 Bird Droppings: 4 free agents signed


Cards sign four free agents for camp; final mocks are out; Cards GM has seven elite players in mind for the #7 pick.

Who should be in the Cards' Ring of DisHonor?


We know who is in the Ring of Honor. But who definitely doesn't belong there?

Who should be in the Cards Ring of Honor?


We look at many possibly worthy candidates.

4/20 Bird Droppings: DJ Fluker at number 7?


New names being tossed around at number 7, new coaches have tough schedules, Arians' deemed toughest, and Cardinals called 'sleeper' team for next season.

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