Redskins Select Jarmon with Third Round Pick

The Skins took the best prospect in the supplemental draft with their third round pick. No word yet on if any other players were selected.

Cardinals Draft Pick Stats

I put these together if you guys are interested it's combine stats, and college stats on all Cards draft picks...that i could find. A few don't show up on the first few pages on google search.

Making a Position Change can be Tough.

Darren Urban talks to Antrel Rolle about making the change from corner back to safety and how tough it was for him. He than talks about how Will Davis and Cody Brown will have to make similar adjustments to LB from DE. More on the change for Will Davis here.

Extension for Karlos Dansby Seems Unlikely

Darren Urban throws a wet blanket on your weekend with two stories about Karlos Dansby's extension, or more accurately the complete lack thereof. The deadline for a deal is July 15th and Cardinals GM, Rod Graves, finally said today that it's unlikely that they'll meet that deadline. That of course means that Dansby will be a free agent after this season and it's very likely that the Cardinals will have to shell out a boat load of money to retain him (and even them some other team will likely steal him with crazy, monopoly money). We've pretty much known that getting him under contract was a long shot but it still hurts to see it in black and white.

Lombardi on the Cards Off-Season

Interesting set of checklists from Mike Lombardi on the National Football Post on how the Cards can overcome the Super Bowl curse. He makes it very specific so it's not a throwaway article as some can be.

A Leaner, Meaner Beanie Wells?

Ok so 'meaner' may be a stretch but according to Darren Urban, Wells will be much leaner than he was during his glory days at Ohio State. Wells, who reported to the Cardinals at 247 pounds, has reportedly lost 18 pounds and is well on his way to the 225 pound target that John Lott set for him shortly after the draft. Gotta love the kid already embracing the greatness of John Lott.

Air McNair Shot Dead

Wow, Just Wow. Editor Note: If you have a favourite Steve McNair moment, please share.

Former Cardinal's Linebacker Calvin Pace Suspended 4 Games

"I am responsible for what I put into my body and I should have paid closer attention to the League's guidelines. I regret that this has happened and apologize to my teammates, the entire Jets organization as well as the fans," Pace said. "Hopefully, this does not distract from our ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl."

Anquan Boldin Over Rated?

He thinks he's Larry Fitzgerald but he isn't. He's a good player, but not one of the top five receivers as some would have you think.

Chance of NFL Lockout "100 percent"

A league source says that Charlie Batch warned the rookies at the Rookie Symposium that there's a "100 percent" chance of a league-imposed lockout in 2011. I have no idea how or why Batch would have that information but some speculation is that the owners are throwing that threat out there to help them at the negotiation table.
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