Ryan Williams Conference Call with Arizona Media

Here is new Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams speaking with some media members here in Arizona. Williams was picked 38th overall and looks to join a backfield filled with Beanie Wells, Tim Hightower, and Larod Stephens-Howling.

Aeneas Williams announces the Cardinals draft of Ryan Williams

For those of you who missed it, and want video proof that we actually took Ryan Williams. Not saying he will be bad, just saying I am very surprised by this pick.

Arizona finalist to host Superbowl

University of Phoenix Stadium and Arizona are one of the two finalists to host the Superbowl in 2015 (After the 2014 season), along with Tampa Bay. The decision will be made at the October Owners Meeting. In my opinion, Phoenix is a perfect place to host the Superbowl (Again), ranging from good weather to tons of hotels, resorts, and golf courses for the players. I bet in 2015 we'll be Superbowl contenders. Make it happen, Patrick Peterson.

University of Phoenix Stadium Finalist For 2015 Super Bowl

It's us against Tampa Bay for the 2015 Super Bowl and will be decided in October. Maybe the Cardinals could be the first to play a home super bowl???

Cardinals may "already have understanding" with Marc Bulger

Some interesting news coming out on draft day of how the Cardinals may already have an "understanding" with Marc Bulger about him coming in and wearing a Cardinals uniform next season. Obviously, he is still technically a member of the Ravens, so they probably have not spoken with him directly. Take it with a grain of salt, but it is beginning to look like Bulger will be here next season.

Video: Cardinals Draft Roundtable

Video featuring Calvisi, Wolf, Urban, and Pasch discussing the draft. Also, Pasch said that Gabbert "scares him to death" in a bad way, and anyone who watches college football on ESPN has probably seen Pasch call quite a few games on there, so he has probably called a game played by Gabbert before. Take that however you want.

Judge denies NFL's request

Judge Susan Nelson denied the NFL's request to freeze the lockout ruling. The NFL has promised that it will appeal this ruling to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. All I can think is God dang, this is old.

Sports TalkSoup- Another Draft Interview for ROTB

I will be on @ 7:30 live talking about the Cardinals. If not listening live, it will be archived.

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