Cardinals Strong Safety Solutions Already Exist

A good explanation as why Jefferson is as good of option as any at SS. ....cmcinaz pumps fist and says draft McCarron.

Arians tries out VT’s Logan Thomas

BA pays a visit to his old stomping grounds and tries out QB Logan Thomas who has a strong arm and fits his size requirements. He also throws a 60mph football. Who knows maybe the Cards may draft a QB after all in the later rounds.

Right Side Of The O-Line Equation

Goodwin talks about about his O-line and how things are going on the right side of Sendlein, now that the left side is looking as solid as ever.

Arizona Cardinals Top Draft Picks Over the Last Decade

Looking back on the Cardinals top draft pick each year from 2004 - 2013.

Bruce Arians: 'No reason' Cards can't make Super Bowl

Can it be done? Is this the year that a host team will make it to the Superbowl? These are the questions being asked of Bruce Arians.

NFL Power Rankings Pre-Draft

The Arizona Cardinals Rank number 11 in the latest poll. I think they should be in the top 10 based on last year alone and with the signings in FA. Now top 5, I don't know about that as the Cardinals will need to prove themselves this year.

Arizona Cardinals sign Antonio Cromartie to a 1-year deal

Former Jets CB Antonio Cromartie reached agreement on a one-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals, per ESPN source.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 20, 2014

Cole Klotz: Small-school ILB on Cardinals radar?

Potential late-round or more likely UDFA the Cardinals could target come draft weekend. cites that the team requested film on him to review. Whether or not they like what they see has yet to be seen. But the Cardinals aren't one of those teams that are very public about their prospect meetings and interests and it's an underdog story, so this information has intrigue. Could be a good practice squad candidate if nothing else.

32 Free Agency Moves That Make Sense

A breakdown of what free agents each team should be targeting.

Source: Cap will be $133 million per team

The Salary cap yet again raised by about 10 million dollars, giving each team more flex this year. The cap should increase even more so by 2015 since they will be able to add in the new t.v. deals. With Keim & Company in the front office, we should be able to sit back and watch a very nice off season pass us by with good free agent pick ups and team re-signings to boot with the little bit of breathing room. Let the magic continue to happen!

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