Year Cardinals Sacks Opponents Sacks

  1. 2007 36 24
  2. 2008 31 28
  3. 2009 43 26
  4. 2010 33 50
  5. 2011 42 54

5 Things The Cardinals Need to do this Offseason

  1. Build a better offensive line.
  2. Sign pass rushers.
  3. Trade Tim Hightower.
  4. Get a solid WR to accompany Fitz.
  5. Find out who will play cornerback with Patrick Peterson.

Boldin VS Fitzgerald 2010

  1. Boldin - 40 / 546 / 5
  2. Fitzgerald - 42 / 510 / 5

Where to go for everything Cards

  1. Here (Revenge of the Birds)
  2. Urban on
  3. Sando on
  4. Somers on
  5. Bordow had great stuff but now he's quitting

Cardinals Heating Up - Revenge of the Birds

  1. Larry Fitzgerald - Had a franchise record game for the playoffs and has been upstoppable lately.
  2. Dominique Rogers-Cromartie - Virtually shut down Steve Smith. Has had INTs for 3 consecutive weeks.
  3. Tim Hightower - Jumped from cooling off to heating up. Controlled the clock on Saturday while racking up 76 rushing yards.
  4. Deuce Lutui - Has been silent recently and that is a good thing. Nice to see him maturing.
  5. Ralph Brown - Also has had INTs in the two playoffs games. Has stepped up nicely as a 3rd string CB.

Cardinals Cooling Off - Revenge of the Birds

  1. Travis LaBoy - Has 0 sacks in last 10 games. Played sparingly in the Carolina game.
  2. J.J. Arrington - Haven't seen him lately. Hopefully the good J.J. will show up Sunday.
  3. Steve Breaston - Once again on here after a quiet game. Probably a result of Fitzgerald's big game.
  4. Jerheme Urban - Tipped a pass that led to INT vs ATL, was silent vs CAR. Where has he been since winning CotW??
  5. Pat Ross - As Hawk pointed out, he hasn't seen the field all season.

Arizona Cardinals Temperature Cooling Off

  1. Russ Grimm - Interviewing for a head coach job during a playoff run is never good.
  2. Anquan Boldin - Since starting off so strong he's averaged just 57 receiving yards per game in his last 4 with only 1 TD last week.
  3. Tim Hightower - Even after a touchdown on Saturday, Timmy's been pretty quiet with the emergence of James.
  4. Steve Breaston - Only two catches last week and virtually invisable on punt return.
  5. Other TE's - Stephen Spach has been a stud, period.

Arizona Cardinals Temperature Heating up

  1. Edgerrin James - Consecutive games of productive running to give the Cardinals exactly what they need.
  2. Larry Fitzgerald - Saturday was his eighth 100 yard receiving game this year.
  3. DRC - 10 tackles last week. This guy is becoming a shut down corner. Yeah I said it. And since some of you think he's not then define what shut down is then.
  4. Stephen Spach - Only three catches, but effectively caught a huge one.
  5. Kurt Warner - Struggled late in the season but seems to have regained his MVP form.

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