ROTB Pick 'Em And Survival Games


Playoff Pick 'em - Divisional Games (Please Rec!)

We have 17 entries this year for Playoff Pick 'em. robloosli is off to an unbelievable start picking all four winners correctly and with very close scores. He is setting the pace with 171 points....

Check out who won ROTB Pick'em


Here is how the season turned out.

Final week for ROTB Pick'em


Make your final picks to see who comes away as champion

ROTB Pick'em time, Week 16


Week 15 was tough on most entries, although Cuckoo for Coco Puffs managed a terrific 7-1 record, missing only the San Francisco win. Funny, that no one picked the Niners to win that game...not a...

Time for Week 15 picks


Not much time left in the season to improve your standing

Make your Week 14 picks!


Week 13 was not kind to many.

We have a survivor winnner!


Both players actually tie, but the tiebreakers gives us the winner.

Suvivor picks, and the 2 keep on surviving


It took a last second, game winning field goal in Miami, but both entries for survivor win for their 12th straight week each. I have to say, I am fairly certain this is the longest survivor...

Pick'em, Week 13


Make your picks for the week!

There are still 2 survivors remaining


KDean75 and StuckinColorado both move on this week with 11 wins each. I did the math going into the weekend and KDean75 was well ahead in the tiebreaker...winning percentage of his teams picked. ...


ROTB Pick'em Week 11 results, Week 12 games


It was a good week for almost all

ROTB Survivor picks...only 2 remain


Travis23 bowed out of the survivor pool when St. Louis battled to a tie with San Francisco. That leaves only KDean75 and StuckinColorado left, both with 10 wins. Remember the tiebreaker, should...

Make your Week 11 Pick'em selections!


No body picked the tie? Actually nobody picked more than the 6 wins both az78true and wyatt.morgan.9 had. They share this week's won point, congratulations to both participants. This week most...

Make your Week 10 picks!


Show us what you got.

Survivor picks, Week 10


There are still three standing.

Pick'em, Week 9


JoeCB1991 is on fire! 16-0 over the last two weeks, again another first in pick 'em, at least as far as I can remember. While there were several good entries with 6 or more wins, JoeCB1991 is the...

Survivor picks, Week 9


One man is eliminated.

Time to make your Week 8 picks


Lots of success a week ago.

Survivor picks, Week 8


Everyone that picked is still alive and kicking

Time for the ROTB Pick'em Game, Week 7


Make your Pick'e, picks for the week.

Make your Week 7 survivor picks


After losing tonyman121 and RyanB17 in week 6 only 4 entries remain in this year's RotB Survivor contest. In fact, if not for another fourth quarter comeback by Matty Ice in Atlanta, KDean75...

Week 6 Pick'em is here


Make your 8 picks.

It's time again for your survivor picks


Very few remain.

Make your Week 5 survivor picks (if you still can)


Everyone moved on that made picks.

Make your Week 5 picks!


Pit your wits against the rest of the community

ROTB Survivor Game: Only A Few Left


Week 3 was a bad, bad week.

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