ROTB Roundtable: O-line, QB's, and Russ Grimm

It hasn't been a fun last two weeks for Cardinals fans.

Many questions remain unanswered about the team. The ROTB Writing Staff took their swing at answering three of these.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) After weeks of poor play by the Offensive line, trade rumors have sprung up. Do you have any ideas for a potential trade?

Tyler Nickel: In terms of a specific target, no. All I know is that unless they get a superstar, it isn't going to make a lick of a difference. Russ Grimm needs to go before anything matters.

Khodder: I don't think there are many great options out there right now. I don't beleive the Left Tackle position is as important as many think it is, I beleive pass protection starts on the interior of the OL, so even though a guy like Jake Long could be there for a price (and a hefty extension) I would rather steer clear. I want to build this OL, inside out and via the draft.

Jess Root: I don't really think that there will be much in the way of help for this season anyway because whoever comes will have to learn the protection schemes. I don't see anything happening.

Jesse Reynolds: No, not sure if anyone is available that will be worth the asking price. We are stuck with the worst line in the NFL.

Alex Mann: If anything the only trade that makes the most sense, and has the best potential to succeed is the trade for Jake Long. It will be expensive, but Fitz would possibly restructure his deal, as will Kolb. I mean why wouldn't Kolb, anything to keep him alive. Two First round picks, and Doucet could be a nice deal for both teams. Long will be on his first winning team, the Cardinals shore up the Left side of their line meaning we just have to focus on our Right side with Batiste (getting better) and Snyder (Still horrid). The Eagles get another WR, and two picks in the first round to build their team. Not only that, they have a more than serviceable tackle behind Long.

2) With Kevin Kolb out for 6 weeks with a rib injury, the QB carousel is starting once more. Do you think Skelton is the right choice to start, or do you have any other options in mind? (Lindley, Bartel, FA, etc.)

Tyler Nickel: Skelton is the best option available for the Cardinals. There are no free agents that are better than he is going to do given how well he knows the offense and he will be a better start than Bartel or Lindley.

Khodder: Skelton is the right man, no FA is going to be worth anything coming into this offense cold, Lindley is a rookie and Skelton has always shown better than Bartel. Skelton is not going to bring the house down with outrageous throws all over the place, but he is the best we have.

Jess Root: Is there really any other answer? Of course Skelton should start. The team won with him last year. He technically was the starting quarterback this year. Do I worry? Yes, but there is no better option on the team or out there available.

Jesse Reynolds: Skelton won the starting job and should be good enough. He loves attacking downfield and may stretch the field Helping the run game. If he gets time to pass that is.

Alex Mann: Skelton is. At least for now. Lindley is raw and wouldn't be able to do well behind a collapsing line that failed Kolb on 51% of his snaps last week. Bartel will be brought back but I doubt he'll be any real savior.

3) Do you think Russ Grimm should be fired for the ineptness of the Offensive line?

Tyler Nickel: Yes... I've been over this, so I'll leave it at that.

Khodder: I apportion very little blame at all on Russ Grimm, you give a man crap to work with you are going to end up getting a crap job. Since Russ Grimm has been here we have ignored the offensive line, prior to our binge this year we had drafted three offensive linemen in five drafts and including this season was have drafted a grand total of ONE offensive linemen in the top 100 picks of the draft, and a Grand Total of ONE in the first three rounds, TWO in the first four rounds. We have signed washed up veterans in FA, Al Johnson, Daryn Colledge, Adam Snyder, Rex Hadnot, Jeremy Bridges et al. All of those guys were pushed aside by their teams then expected to suddenly come good here.

We have given Russ Grimm crap to work with and that is exactly what we have been given back in performances.

Jess Root: This year was unfortunate because of injuries. That's not on Grimm. Now that Juan Castillo is available, I would entertain the thought of seeing if he is a fit after the season, but to change now would be silly. No better option that could do any better with the personnel that the team has.

Jesse Reynolds: I'd he had draft picks to work with I could give you an answer. Michael Floyd has been really instrumental in winning... Oh wait, he hasn't. Why do the FO and Whiz hate lineman so much?

Alex Mann: His handling of the O-line has been less than spectacular... He's lost the confidence of most of the fan base in thinking that Snyder was a better option over Hadnot or even Lutui. His inability to convince Whiz or the FO to draft players early, and to sign guys who are worthy of being picked up and get a deal.

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