ROTB Roundtable: MNF, Starting RB, and Biggest Cause for Concern

Adam Bettcher

With yet another loss, the Cardinals have now dropped to 4-3.

And yet again, this loss brings up questions. The ROTB Writing Staff tackled three of these very questions.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) What do you think will be the biggest key to taking down the 49ers on Monday Night Football?

Jess Root: Offensive execution. The defense has done its job. The offense has to score some points and stop turning the ball over in key moments.

Alex Mann:On Offense, limiting mistakes and finding points even if it's 3 points. Defensively, shut down the Niners ground game and force Smith to throw it on us.

Tyler Nickel: I think it is stopping the run game. The Cards couldn't stop Adrian Peterson, so they lost to the Vikings. If they can stop Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter, allowing Alex Smith to try and beat them, I think they have a chance. Smith is prone to making mistakes when forced to throw the ball on a consistent basis.

Jesse Reynolds: Like everyone is saying, the play of our line. It's really that simple, I think our d can matchup with anyone.

2) With Larod Stephens-Howling recording 104 yards against the Vikings, who do you think should be the starting RB?

Jess Root: This one is easy -- LSH. He is the best running back left. He runs well, can catch the ball and is not terrible in pass protection. I have said it before, I think he is capable of being an every down back.

Tyler Nickel: Hard to say. This was only Howling's second try to really persuade the fans. He gained 93 last year against the Seahawks, and 104 last week. If he can manage 80+ yards a game, to me I think he will deserve it. But until then I don't think any runningback on our roster deserves to start, which leaves us with Free Agency, or even Draft.

Tyler Nickel: Until Beanie Wells gets back, it has to be LSH. He is the best back left on the roster.

Jesse Reynolds: LSH unless someone passes him up. Honestly LSH looked very good last week but I worry if he can carry the load.

3) Besides the obvious poor play for the O-line, what, or who, is the next biggest cause of concern for the Cardinals, moving into Week 8?

Jess Root: Everything about the offense. The quarterbacks are still making periodic bad decisions. The running game is inconsistent. There are injuries. Receivers drop passes. Larry Fitzgerald is not getting targeted or found enough. There are turnovers and the playcalling at times is subject.

Alex Mann: The receivers. I don't know if it's new coaching at the position, or if it's just lack of talent, but there has been a ton of inconsistency from everyone outside of Fitzgerald and Roberts.

Tyler Nickel: Their inability to move the ball on offense at all. Whether it is the o-line under-performing, the quarterback or receivers dropping balls, the Cardinals need to find a way to punch the ball into the end zone.

Jesse Reynolds: The entire offense minus the WRs. The QB and RB situation is very concerning.

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