ROTB Roundtable: Hot Seat, Ryan Lindley, and What To Play For

Christian Petersen

Staggering off a 7 game losing streak, the Cardinals have a lot of unanswered questions.

The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of these.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Which coach(es) should be on the hot seat?

Tyler Nickel: On the Cardinals staff, everyone except Horton. That includes Whisenhunt, Grimm, Reich, McNulty and everyone else. It must be known that this type of losing can no longer be stood for.

Alex Mann: Have to think all the guys on the Offensive side, except maybe Grimm who seems to have found a decent lineup.

Skii: Basically everyone except Ray Horton, who will most probably be the team's choice at Head Coach if they decide to part ways with Coach Whisenhunt. However, I don't belive Coach Whiz is guaranteed to be fired. The Bidwells may decide to give him one more chance next season.

Jess Root: I think obviously number one is Mike Miller. I would say that Grimm is, but he will still probably get a look at head coach by some team. I don't think Whiz should be yet. It would depend on how the team plays the rest of the year. If they battle, then roll with him. If the players give up, then it may be time to make that change, as much as I disagree with it.

2) Do you think Coach Whisenhunt's decision to give Ryan Lindley the start against the New York Jets this week is the right call, after having such a mediocre one against the Rams?

Tyler Nickel: If Kolb can't go, then yes, I think Lindley should get the start. I gave my thoughts on this in a post on Tuesday.

Alex Mann: Well who else do we have to go to? I'll be called biased on this statement, but I think Lindley showed us a lot of good last week, and also a lot of bad. Skelton doesn't seem to be progressing this season, whether it's the ankle injury that hampered him or something else but until Kolb is ready, I say Lindley keeps playing to see what he has.

Skii: Like Alex said, there's really no better option. The Playoffs are becoming more and more of a lost cause, so at this point, you might as well start the rookie and see what you have. Although, like I've said before, I still think the team should've picked up someone like Vince Young earlier in the season.

Jess Root: Hmm...well, since the move was made to see if Lindley has something more to offer than Skelton and there have been good things, combined with the fact that you sort of already know what is there with Skelton, Lindley is the right move. However, the fact that it is uncertain whether Lindley or Skelton gives the team the best chance of winning is troubling. It shows just how frustrated the coaching staff is with Skelton and his inconsistencies.

3) At this point in the season, what do you think the Cardinals should be playing for?

Tyler Nickel: At this point, it's about evaluating their personnel and playing for their pride. That's about it. It's all in anticipation of next season.

Alex Mann: Pride. No one wants to lose 7 in a row, so if they can win somewhere in the next few games they'll still have some of their pride heading into the offseason.

Skii: Mostly player evaluation, like on Lindley. We might even start seeing some of the younger guys and rookies on the bench get time, specifically on the defensive side.

Jess Root: Simply put, to win. That is why you play the game. You play for anything less, and you are cheating everyone. Even if you play all young guys, you play to win. There isn't any other way to play football.
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