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Peyton Manning's Image Removed from Lucas Oil Stadium


Peyton Manning's image has been replaced with the Colts' Horsehoe logo. I'm sure that's great news for Cardinals' fans!

Trumaine McBride


Can anybody tell me about him? Might interview him for a danish website

The Kurt Warner effect felt in AZ & STL


Article chronicling Kurt Warner’s ability to immediately transform once dormant teams and what happens to these teams in the years after he leaves town. Includes video of Warner and his family leaving the Cards complex on the day of his retirement announcement.

Eat Pray Love: A Journey Through The Arizona Cardinals' Schedule Via Hollywood Film


Hey guys, sorry I keep doing this but the boss man over at SB Nation Arizona keeps cracking the whip so I keep having to produce columns for him. Today's topic? Previewing the Arizona Cardinals opponents. Instead of the normal, mundane game by game approach. I decided to give it a little more personality (Or at least a really cheesy idea. You be the judge). With this summer's "blockbusters" falling pretty flat and many of the national media expecting the Cardinals to follow suit, why not combine both to preview the opponents our beloved NFL franchise will faceoff against this season. Take a look, or actually read it, and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski Picks Arizona Cardinals To Finish Behind 49ers and Seahawks


"Arizona Cardinals -- Uhh, what happened to the up-and-coming, perennial playoff-caliber Cardinals? They were here a minute ago. And then … Anquan Boldin left. Antrel Rolle left. Karlos Dansby left. Kurt Warner retired. His replacement, fifth-year QB Matt Leinart, imploded. It's hard to win if nobody on your team, including the head coach, thinks you can lead. That's basically what happened to Leinart, who failed to inspire confidence or first downs during the preseason. So Ken Whisenhunt cut Leinart and promoted Derek Anderson to starter. Whooee." Yet another "expert" barley skimming the surface of a very complex offseason for the Arizona Cardinals. He's forgetting everyone who left, sans Warner, has been replaced with someone as skilled. What do we know know though, we're just the guys who watch the team every week and follow their every move.

Memo To Max Hall Fans: Preseason, Like Alcohol, Can Impair Your Vision


As many of you know, along with my duties here at Revenge of the Birds, I serve as a columnist over at SB Nation Arizona. Since I've spent most of my time here over the last few weeks, the boss man cracked the whip and had me write a piece for the mother-ship. Don't worry though, for now I haven't strayed from the topic of the Cardinals. I mean, we're days away from the opener so there isn't any other topic to talk about. Please take a look at the column and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Yahoo's Michael Silver Gives Ranks Bidwills As One Of NFL's Worst Owners


If you had told me five years ago that I'd be defending the Bidwills I would have thought you were crazy. That said, Michael Silver's ranking and subsequent cheap shots seem inaccurate and uncalled for. Than again maybe I'm a homer who's just drinking way too much of the Cardinal red Kool-Aid these days. " 27. Arizona Cardinals – Bill Bidwill (Michael Bidwill): When I think back to the Cardinals’ near-victory in Super Bowl XLIII, why do I confuse it with the previous year’s game at the Cardinals’ home stadium? Ah, that’s right, because Tom Petty was the Super Bowl XLII halftime singer, and the lyrics to one of his classic songs – "Even the losers get lucky sometimes" – could have been written for the cheap, small-thinking Bidwills. For all of the talk about Matt Leinart’s failure to seize his opportunity as retired quarterback Kurt Warner’s(notes) presumed successor, remember that the Bidwills’ lowballing of the player most responsible for their first-ever NFC championship after the ’08 season led the quarterback to seriously consider the overtures of the division-rival 49ers, which would have accelerated the Cards’ current nightmare by a year. Let’s hope this week’s re-signing of defensive tackle Darnell Dockett(notes) – six months after he took shots at the franchise for its passive approach to start free agency – is a positive sign of change."

Top 5 Worst Quarterbacks in Arizona Cardinals History


Here is a depressing list for you. The top 5 worst quarterbacks to ever don the Arizona Cardinals' uniform. I for one think that the author was way too kind to Tom Tupa and way too tough on Dave Brown. Plus, where's Jeff Blake, Jim McMahon and Jay Schroeder? Man, there have been some bad QBs here since 1988. Makes Derek Anderson look more and more like a Pro Bowl QB with each name mentioned

Fullback Jerome Johnson On His Way To The Arizona Cardinals


According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the Cardinals have added depth at the fullback position as they were awarded former New York Giant Jerome Johnson. Johnson is 25 years old and 6'1" 265lbs.

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