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"I want to clear the air on that one. I had nothing to do with that. Somebody told me I was pulling...


"I want to clear the air on that one. I had nothing to do with that. Somebody told me I was pulling for Derek. I’ve never taken a snap with Derek, so how can I vouch for a man that I haven’t even played with. … I think it’s unfair to point (to) me as somebody that would do that. I just want to win. I believe in coach Whisenhunt and what he’s done here over the years... Your job is not to talk in the media or have an opinion. It’s your job to go out there and produce and do what you’re asked to do."

Larry Fitzgerald talking to Bob Baum of the AP.

ESPN's Adam Schefter Reporting Matt Leinar Cut By Arizona Cardinals


Well there you have it. The wait is over and the great national debate can come to an end. Matt Leinart has been cut by the Arizona Cardinals with the official announcement soon to come. Now the only question is how soon does he wind up in Seattle and has he paid close enough attention to actually be able to give the Seahawks any of the Cardinals plays.

Report: Arizona Cardinals Have Given Matt Leinart Permission To Seek Trade


Not that this comes as a real surprise but, according to the Sports Xchange, the Cardinals have granted Matt Leinart and his agent the right to seek a trade. The thing I find most interesting about it is that the team still plans on playing Leinart even though he's looking for a new home. It's like hooking up with your ex right before you break up, it's potentially risky and someone is bound to get hurt physically or emotionally. You have to wonder how Matt feels about that and if you'll be able to see it in his play tonight. That and it's a big risk for the team when it comes to a possible injury. Update: "Could Leinart end up w/ @SF_49ers or Seattle @Seahawks? @MikeJurecki reports they have shown interest, Cards won't trade him in NFC West. — @XTRA910 via Twitter" Trading in the division at first glance seems like a poor plan, but if the return were a veteran QB it wouldn't be a bad deal at all. David Carr of the 49ers and Charlie Whitehurst of the Seahawks were two QBs the Cards had their eyes on before.

Bill Simmons Thinks Cardinals Quarterbacks Are League's Worst


"32. Matt Leinart/Derek Anderson, Cardinals Living proof that the quarterback position matters: The dropoff from Kurt Warner to Leinart/Anderson will singlehandedly doom this Cardinals season. One position out of 22 ... and they're hopeless. Will we ever figure out why Leinart didn't make it? I keep going back to that "Punk'd" episode in 2006 when they pretended to arrest Leinart and his buddy for soliciting a prostitute, then a panicked Leinart convinced his buddy to take the rap for him before a giggling Ashton Kutcher jumped out of a van. That's a leader? Would Brees or Brady have ever done that? We should have written him off then and there."

Matt Leinart to the New York Giants?


Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio is reporting that the Arizona Cardinals locker room is "buzzing" about a rumor that Matt Leinart will be dealt to the Giants. Not 100% sure whether to believe it or not but it's a "rumor running rampant at the team's facility" according to Florio. UPDATE: Jay Glazer Tweeted that the Giants have no interest in Leinart since he doesn't want to be a back up. Which pretty much disproves the poorly written rumor by PFT's Florio. Maybe can go back to saying the Cardinals want JaMarcus Russel and Marc Bulger.

Jay Glazer Tells Dan Patrick Teams Are Calling Him Asking For Matt Leinart Character Reference


Jay Glazer was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show and he shared some interesting tidbits. Glazer said Leinart told him he's done enough in this league and won't be a back up, Leinart had no idea that the Cardinals are taking calls about a trade and that Matt and Ken Whisenhunt just never clicked.

Buffalo Bills Deny Interest In Leinart


Bills are adamant they are not trading for Matt Leinart, despite discussions they did have this summer with the Cardinals for the QB. ~ Via Adm Schefter on Twitter

Matt Leinart Photo Essay


Leinart endorsed as starting QB, a young man's dream dies.

Look who knows how to celebrate a victory, Leinart-style.


Look who knows how to celebrate a victory, Leinart-style.


He's on my list.......

Ok, Ok, Ok, I know I should be studying...but I had to take a minute and discuss a TRAGEDY which occurred last night at a local restaurant here in Chandler, Arizona. I've never been too great a...

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