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I may criticize the decision to have a dual quarterback system, but it seems to be working. It makes sense, too. After all, Kurt Warner is a better quarterback than Matt Leinart right now. Next season, the reigns must be handed to Matt Leinart, but if there's a chance the Cardinals make the postseason this year, I'm all for the 1-2 punch at quarterback. Here's the thing: if Warner gives the team the best chance to win, week in and out -- which he does -- why not declare him the full time starter and let Leinart close out games or something along those lines?

That said, I couldn't be more happy right now. I feel a little bad about picking the Steelers over the Cards, but hey, I've never been happier about being wrong. The Cardinals did what they had to on both sides of the ball and earned a victory. Willie Parker, the NFL's top runner before this weekend's game, was held to 37 yards on 19 carries. That's less than 2 yards per carry.

It was exactly as I hoped things would break down: the defense stopped the run in its tracks and forced Ben Roethlisberger to make decisions with the football. He completed only 17 of his 32 attempts and threw a pair of interceptions.

And while Edge didn't get his 100 yard game -- the Steelers' streak continues -- he did manage 77 yards and a score. I'm sure he's more proud of the team's accomplishment -- a victory -- than he would be 100 yards in a loss.

Congratulations, team on a tie for 2nd place in the division. 2-2 and officially a team to watch this season after a victory over a top 5 NFL team.