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Cardinals vs. Panthers, Gameday Open Thread

Carolina Panthers (3-2) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-2)
Sunday, October, 14 2007
4:00 PM EST on FOX

You can catch the game on FOX if you live in the Arizona or Carolina areas. For a more complete distribution, click here.

Injuries you should know about:

Out - LB Adam Seward, LB Dan Morgan, RB Nick Goings
Probable - QB David Carr, CB Ken Lucas, LB James Anderson

Out - T Levi Brown
Doubtful - WR Anquan Boldin
Questionable - DE Joe Tafoya
Probable - G Elton Brown, WR Bryant Johnson

What I think: Arizona edges Carolina, 23-20

Just what is this? This aptly named "game day open thread" is a forum for fans of the Cardinals (or Rams) to voice opinions and banter before, during, and after the game. I urge you to comment and get a real conversation going, even if it's just a chat with me.