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Loss to Panthers hurts

The loss to Carolina hurts, and not just because we lost 25-10 in a game closer than the scoreboard would like you to believe. No, it hurts because now the quarterback situation became just a little more hazy.

Already Matt Leinart is out for the season, which is okay because it ends the "quarterback controversy," though it's still not good because, of course, the Cardinals have less depth at the most important position. Now, Kurt Warner is injured and he spent most of the day chatting with Leinart on the sideline. We knew Warner might not be healthy for an entire season, but it hurts (a lot) that he couldn't make it through the first quarter of his first start of the season. It crippled the offense that he couldn't play because, unfortunately, Tim Rattay just isn't isn't very good. His 12/24, 159 yards, 0 TDs, and 3 interception performance sure didn't win the game.

So now I think the Arizona front office is beginning to regret beginning the season with two quarterbacks on the roster. Tim Hasselbeck, the Cardinals soon-to-be-backup-quarterback, will likely be signed today as Rattay's backup. What's sad is that there is a quarterback in the NFL worse than Tim Rattay.

Just like that the season is looking more than a little bleak, at least until Warner returns. Unfortunately, no one knows when that will be.

"Now we're just playing it by ear," Warner said. "We'll see the extent of it and see what we can do as far as getting me back as soon as possible."