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Slop-Slop, Sloppy-Cards

Here's an interesting report:

...they (Arizona) have 59 penalties for 497 yards this season. The NFL average is 37 penalties for 290 yards.

Ouch. That's absolutely brutal. It helps to explain the team's record this season, 3-4, and it's a bit disheartening. Imagine if the Cardinals were average? It could be a completely different story this season. You see it all the time, too. Perfectly good teams blow games because of stupid penalties: false start, offsides, late hits. Those penalties are inexcusable, especially the last.

And, of course, this statistic made me curious, how are the Cards doing in other areas of the game?

Here are a couple more:

1st in the division in points for with 147 (Seattle is 2nd with 137) -- rank is also 14th in NFL. Disappointingly, however, we've allowed 157 points. (Explains the 3-4 record.)

Turnover ratio: -7. Again, this is one of those stats that really explains a team's struggles. The idea is to stay in the positive or, at the very least, around even. Being in the negative results in losses, plain and simple.

Do some digging of your own at

(That title is a reference to a classic Adam Sandler song from SNL, in case anyone was wondering.)