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The Cards need this bye

This week's bye couldn't have really come at a better time. The team has hit its usual rough patch, and it's understandable considering the personnel changes made during the offseason. Warner needs this time to get himself back to 100%. I think it was obvious last weekend he wasn't completely ready.

Whisenhunt needs this week off to get the team back in the game. They've played with a lot of heart all season -- a lot better than I had even hoped -- but they haven't always played smart. And that's just as important. Turnovers have burned the team and ball control is something that needs attention.

At 3-4 Arizona is in no way out of the playoff hunt, but it's now a longshot. 9-7 is ultimately the minimum record we need to shoot for. Any less than that and there's pretty much no chance at a postseason. That means winning 6 of the next 9 games: doable. That's 67% win percentage down the stretch. To make that kind of run takes heart and smarts.

Let's hope the coaching staff can get both in unison soon.


Do you think the team will make the postseason?

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    No, it's only going to get uglier (story of a Cardinals fan's life)
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