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Division foes fall this weekend

During a (much needed) bye week, the Cardinals and their fans were been lucky enough to watch two division rivals drop games. The 49ers lost to New Orleans in a not-so-close game, 31-10, while the Rams lost a heartbreaker to Cleveland, 27-20.

Seattle had a bye week, too.

All that leaves Arizona in second place, behind the Seahawks, with a 1.5 game cushion on the Niners and a it-doesn't-matter-because-they-aren't-coming-back lead on St. Louis.

The Cardinals have been fortunate this season to be in the NFC West, where nothing is certain. Unfortunately, injuries at quarterback have hurt the team when the opportunities to win were there. Arizona needs to seize the moment this season and make a statement. At 3-4, we're not out of postseason contention yet. The rest of the season starts next week and a big win against Tampa Bay could set the course for a playoff run. Remember, the team is only one win away from .500.