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Good news concerning Boldin's health

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When Anquan Boldin injured his hip against the Baltimore Ravens and subsequently missed Sunday's game against Pittsburgh, it naturally made a few fans nervous. Good news, though: he aims to return to Sunday's matchup against the Rams.

That said, there are no guarantees. He missed Tuesday's practice, so it's still questionable. But he's determined to return to practice soon (and thus make Sunday's game). His being ready is a critical aspect because he can create mismatches with the defenses, not only because he's a good receiver but because he demands attention. That opens up the game for Larry Fitzgerald and if the passing game can get rolling, Edge should see more holes up front.

In other words, he's an important component on offense. Not that the Cardinals act stricken with kryptonite without him, but he definitely makes passing the football a whole lot more effective.


Will Boldin be ready for Sunday's game?

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