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Cardinals-Rams injury update

I've already informed you that Anquan Boldin is looking good for Sunday's matchup against the Rams. But now news is coming in that Gus Frerotte is expected to start in lieu of Marc Bulger's injury/poor play.

Naturally, coach Scott Linehan was quick to point out that the decision was his own.

"Any theories or anything said out there are absolutely not true," Linehan said. "I look forward to a healthy Marc Bulger getting back in the lineup as soon as possible.

"It's obvious to me there is something genuinely wrong, and I knew there was."

The Rams have one of the worst offenses in the NFL (how the heck does that happen?!) and the loss of Bulger can be looked at two ways: one, he was holding the team back with his poor play and his playing while injured and someone fresh at quarterback could pull the team together; or two, the Rams aren't going to fare better with Frerotte.

What do you think?