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Dansby 50-50

Some good news for Cardinals fans: plagued by injuries this season, the Cardinals may soon be getting back a big player on defense: Karlos "Killer" Dansby. In fact, he's 50-50 this Sunday, which puts him between probable and doubtful: questionable.

On that note, it's a bit of an odd thing, the NFL's injury reporting policy. 50-50 really doesn't tell fans anything -- maybe that's why it sometimes comes down to a gametime decision.

Either way, it would be great to get Dansby back. The Cardinals play Tampa Bay Sunday, a team that's seen a lot of success throwing the football this season. While Dansby isn't necessarily going to be a big cover guy, the linebacker corps certainly isn't the same without him. His versatility on stunts, coverage, and stopping the run will be vital. Tampa Bay is a good team and the Cardinals need a lot going in their favor to pull out a win.

Dansby is the defense's leading tackler, with 44 total (34 solo), 2 sacks, and a fumble forced.