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Cardinals play Bucs Sunday, but no one cares...

If you don't see any headlines (outside the Arizona papers) promoting Sunday's game against the Buccaneers, don't be surprised. The annual regular season Super Bowl is taking place at 3:15 on CBS: New England @ Indianapolis.

So why not talk about that game?

New England at this point is being portrayed as the bad guys. This comes after years of being known as the team with selfless players and a brilliant coach. That reputation was cracked when Bill "No Personality" Belichick was caught spying on opposing teams. He's since made it his goal to win by huge margins to prove he can. Ironically, that's shattered the Patriots reputation and they're now known for running up the scoreboard.

Lose-lose situation, eh?

Indy, on the other hand, represents everything great about football and people. Quarterback Peyton Manning is perhaps the most popular player in the NFL, no doubt his commercials (funny) and hosting SNL (hilarious) have paid big dividends in making him the face of the league.

And on the sideline you have mild-mannered Tony Dungy, who represents the ideal role model. Check that, perfect role model. He's done great things in the community and, by counseling parents who went through the same scenario as he, managed to turn his most painful personal adversity -- the suicide of his son -- into a positive.

He can joke with the media, he never swears, and you would never ever catch him giving an assistant the okay to take a camera to an opponent's practice field.

Hey, it all makes for a great storyline; it's just too bad no one cares about Arizona-Tampa Bay, a matchup that could have NFC playoff implications.


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